This week's Brain Game: Vote now!

This week's Brain Game: Vote now!


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Each week we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Then Young Post readers can choose to eliminate one until we have a winner. Who do you want OUT? Vote below.

This Week We Asked: If you were given the chance to design a new museum for Hong Kong, what would it be?


Minal Daswani, 16, Island School

My ideal museum would display the best movies from each generation. There would be a couple of movies per room, which would be decorated differently for each movie. For example, the Harry Potter room could have wands, broomsticks, the deathly hallows, horcruxes, the four school houses and anything else related to the movie. There would also be a cinema. The cinema would show one of the movies, and people could just relax and watch the film being screened.

Agnes Fung Lap-shin, 13, Diocesan Girls' School

I've always wanted to create a new museum! I would design a Museum of Religion. I think Hong Kong has a good variety of cultural backgrounds, with many religions and beliefs. For all of them to develop in the same place, it takes a large amount of respect among believers. I want to create a museum that clearly states that Hong Kong can be a centre of religions. The museum would combine looks from different holy places: a dome roof of a church with the pillars of a temple, and the marble doorway of a mosque. The interior walls would be covered in hieroglyphics, and there would be exhibitions of religious artefacts.

Joyce Chan Ching-yan, 16, Maryknoll Fathers' School

My museum would allow citizens to contribute their own collections, such as paintings and stamps. We could select the most important items that represented different characteristics and views of both the young and older generations. The museum should help enhance understanding between the two groups. This could solve many conflicts and misunderstandings. The museum would have an oval shape to represent the idea that every disagreement between different age groups has a turning point.

Talise Tsai, 15, Discovery College

Hong Kong is known for having an efficient transport system. So, I believe it would be appropriate for the city to have its own transport museum. And not just a railway museum like the one in Tai Po, but one that includes all the different modes of transport, such as trams and junk boats. A museum featuring the history behind each one would be interesting for both locals and tourists. Of course, the most suitable design for such a museum would be a modern MTR train. Such a long-shaped building would allow for many displays and demonstrate Hong Kong's special railway system.

Pradyumn Dayal, 12, German Swiss International School

If I had to design a museum for Hong Kong, it would be the Computer and Gizmos Museum. With so many people using smartphones and being so tech-oriented, this is the perfect museum for Hong Kong. It could display things like the ancient computers that filled a room and the palm-sized computers of tomorrow. It could also have cool gizmos designed by locals, like a pair of glasses that lets you surf the internet and watch TV. The building would look like a computer monitor, with the base as the lobby, the neck would be a lift that takes you up to the museum and the exhibits would collectively form a screen with windows on only one side.


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