DVD: Justice League: Doom

DVD: Justice League: Doom

The new, direct-to-Blu-Ray animated film from DC Universe sees members of the Justice League taken down, one by one, by their enemies using diabolical plans devised by none other than ... Batman?!? Dum dum dum!

On one side are The Flash (voiced by Michael Rosenbaum), Wonder Woman (Susan Eisenberg), The Martian Manhunter (Carl Lumbly), Green Lantern (Nathan Fillion), Superman (Tim Daly), and Batman (Kevin Conroy). On the other is the Legion of Doom - villains such as Star Sapphire (Olivia d'Abo), Bane (Carlos Alazraqui), Metallo (Paul Blackthorne), Ma'alefa'ak (Carl Lumbly), Mirror Master (Alexis Denisof) and Cheetah (Claudia Black).

Of course, there's an evil mastermind behind it all, Vandal Savage (Phil Morris); this is no big "spoiler" - he's revealed 16 minutes into the 76-minute-long film, and before each Leaguer is defeated.

As usual, there are many extras on the Blu-Ray disc, including the featurettes "Guarding the Balance: Batman and the JLA", "A Legion of One: The Dwayne McDuffie Story", a mini-featurette called "Their Time Has Come: Cyborg and the DC Universe's New Diversity", a Sneak Peak at Superman v The Elite, and two bonus episodes of Justice League, Wild Cards Part 1 and Part 2.

This Blu-Ray disc is great, with gripping battle scenes that will have your eyeballs transfixed to your screens. The Blu-Ray version costs HK$220. Grab it now, before your arch Nemesis beats you to it.


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