Farewell to Westlife as fans enjoy last concert

Farewell to Westlife as fans enjoy last concert

As the Irish boy band call time on their 14-year career, Hong Kong fans had a memorable night with them as they said goodbye


Shane Filan, Kian Egan, Nicky Byrne and Mark Feehily made the Hong Kong concert the last stop on their Asia tour.
Shane Filan, Kian Egan, Nicky Byrne and Mark Feehily made the Hong Kong concert the last stop on their Asia tour.
Photo: AP
Westlife played their Farewell Tour at AsiaWorld-Expo last Saturday. Two Young Post junior reporters were chosen to attend the concert and write about their experience.

Jocelyn Chan, 14, St Paul's Co-educational College

Irish boy band Westlife were in Hong Kong for their farewell concert, which was also the last destination of their Asia tour.

Westlife delivered an amazing and impeccable performance by singing the greatest hits of their 14-year career, with more than 15 songs, including the hit singles My Love, If I Let You Go, Seasons in the Sun, You Raise Me Up, Flying Without Wings, and What About Now.

All four members - Nicky, Shane, Kian and Mark - once again managed to tug on the audience's heart strings with their angelic voices. The highlight of the evening was when the band sang You Raise Me Up, and they asked fans to take out their phones and lift them to the air, as if the whole venue was filled with candles. They also asked everyone to sing along with them.

The atmosphere was spectacular and touched all our hearts. Another highlight was when the band asked eight of their lucky fans to go on stage and sing with them. Westlife was kind enough to hug every single one of them and took many pictures on stage. This created a lot of jealousy among those who didn't get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Although it is very sad to know this was their last concert in Hong Kong, it also marked a sublime full stop in the hearts of Westlife fans.

Tacye Hong, 14, St Paul's Convent School

The farewell concert was indeed an unforgettable and splendid experience for fans who have followed the band for the last 14 years. (I was a fan the moment I was born. Really!)

This brilliant concert consisted of 14 years of reminiscences and thousands of fans' recollections. The band expressed their love to Hong Kong by changing some lyrics and saying "we love Hong Kong" more than once.

All my favourite songs were sung, including Flying Without Wings, which is a classic and memorable masterpiece. It encourages adolescents to fight for what we want and never give up. Though life may be solitary sometimes, we should always have faith in our "special thing" that makes us "[fly] without wings".

Seasons in the Sun was another hit that sent fans screaming. Everyone sang the chorus in harmony and put their hands up. Even though the venue was small and everyone had to bend their necks to enjoy the movements of the boy band, Westlife created happiness with the fans by making stadium waves with them.

Uptown Girl marked the end of this remarkable concert with a notable finale, leaving fans feeling exhilarated. For more than 20 minutes, fans refused to leave the arena after Westlife encored with What About Now and Uptown Girl. With the band's wonderful chart-topping hits, the sold-out concert was a superb completion of the delightful chronicles of Westlife.



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