Script: Listening Exercise 137

Script: Listening Exercise 137


Polly: Hello. My name is Polly. I am a great cat lover and have had a cat since I was nine years old. When I was in secondary school, each student in Form Five was encouraged to do some sort of charity work or community service to broaden our horizons. I chose to volunteer on a Saturday morning for one of the city’s cat charities.

I was hooked immediately on the work that the charity does and have worked for them on a voluntary basis ever since. The charity rescues cats off the streets and tries to find them new homes. I am pleased to say that our success rate is very high. I’ve got some of my colleagues from the charity here with me today. We are going to tell you about some of the cats we have up for adoption at the moment. Perhaps you might consider adopting one of them.

Voice 1: Bobby is a male cat who has been with us for three weeks. We don’t know exactly how old he is, but we think he’s about two. He is fully grown but sometimes behaves like a kitten. Bobby is very affectionate, playful and he loves people. He is white with black markings. All four feet and his ears are black. He is a very handsome cat. I really don’t know why anyone would want to throw Bobby out, but this is what happened, literally. The lady who brought him in to us was walking home one night when a car drove past her. The car slowed down, then someone opened the back door and threw Bobby out into the road. The lady saw it all but she didn’t get the car’s registration number. Bobby would be perfect for a family with young children. He would fit in very well with owners with a lot of energy.

Voice 2: Petal was found abandoned in a rubbish bin. Can you believe that? A group of office workers were returning to their office after lunch when they heard a mewing coming from a nearby bin. They looked inside and there was a small, terrified kitten. Petal is about six months old. She is a beautiful milk-chocolate brown. She has sky-blue eyes and one white patch on her head. Petal is very quiet and nervous. She has obviously had a very bad experience of people. We recommend that she goes to a home with no young children. She needs peace and quiet and a lot of gentle affection.

Voice 3: George is an old cat. We know he is ten years old. He was brought into us by the son of an elderly lady who had George since he was a kitten. Sadly, the lady died a month ago and her family couldn’t find a new home for George. It is always sad when this happens. George is a pedigree cat. He is a British Blue Short hair. His fur is a beautiful slate grey. George is a big cat! Not fat, just big. When he stretches out, he is long, and when he sits on your knee he is quite heavy. George is very much a gentleman cat. He is refined and very well mannered. Yes, cats can be very polite! He has a lazy side to his personality, but I suppose this is due to his age. He likes to sleep a lot. George needs a family who will take care of him during his advancing years.


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