Visionary leaders come in all sizes

Visionary leaders come in all sizes

A chief executive who can fly? How about one who can sing? We ask our junior reporters who their ideal candidate is

The nomination process for Hong Kong's chief executive has ended. Now we have three candidates running for the city's top job. For this week's Top 10, our junior reporters put those candidates aside for a moment and got creative. They could pick anyone, from anywhere and any time in history. Here is what they came up with ...

1. Li Ka-shing

He is quite possibly the most powerful man in Asia. Known as "Superman", Li is well-respected everywhere. He has turned Hong Kong into one of the world's top financial capitals. His economic expertise and ability to manage massive projects make him the right person to lead this city.

Cameron Tucker

2. Blossom

Blossom, one of the Powerpuff Girls, has courage and a penchant for justice, making her the perfect candidate to govern our city. Also, her determination to fight "baddies" is a bonus. Who doesn't want a chief executive who is responsible, impartial and can zoom around in the sky? Yes please!

Erica Kwan

3. Justin Bieber

I think Bieber should be Hong Kong's next chief executive. He can sing out his policies and make politics more engaging not just for political junkies, but also for ordinary citizens.

Keto Wong

4. Andy Lau

Lau is probably not as epic as Michael Jordan nor does he have a fan base as massive as Justin Bieber's, but the fact that he is a Hongkonger says it all. Lau knows Hong Kong well after living here for most of his life. He certainly has more relevant experience than Jordan and Bieber.

Tayyab Shahzada

5. Mr Bean

If anyone should become chief executive, it should be Rowan Atkinson [Mr Bean]. Everyone loves him, and he can give society lots of happiness.

Balwinder Singh

6. Nick Vujicic

I would name Vujicic, the Australian preacher and motivational speaker born without limbs. Throughout his life, he has faced adversity with a positive attitude. He gives lectures around the world and has inspired a lot of people to treasure life. He has a kind soul with a truly optimistic mindset. I'm sure he could inspire others and unite our community.

Doris Lam

7. Katniss Everdeen

Katniss is the main character in The Hunger Games. In Mockingjay, the last book of the trilogy, Katniss leads her people in Panem to rebel against the brutal government. I am sure she will be able to lead Hongkongers to a better and brighter future.

Tacye Hong

8. Martin Luther King Jr

King, the US civil rights leader, is my ideal Hong Kong chief executive. He had a dream. I think he would urge the public to be more tolerant of one another and build an integrated society. He once said: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." I think he would try his best to fight for justice and universal suffrage. I'm sure he could lead Hong Kong to become a harmonious, cosmopolitan city.

Jack Sze

9. Jean-Baptiste Colbert

Given the economic issues in Hong Kong, no one would be more suitable than Colbert, the 17th century French minister of finance. He once revived France from bankruptcy. Under his guidance, food and housing prices dropped while the economy grew. Spending on public infrastructure also increased. If he were to pull the same trick here, the inflation rate would decrease and young adults would be able to afford housing.

Emmanuel Hui

10. Jeremy Lin

America has Barack Obama who can give eloquent speeches and shoot hoops. We need a basketball player who went to Harvard. So, who is more suitable than Jeremy Lin?

Dennis Goodboy



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