This week's Brain Game: Vote now!

This week's Brain Game: Vote now!


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Each week we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Then Young Post readers can choose to eliminate one until we have a winner. Who do you want OUT? Vote below.


This Week We Asked: What ethical dilemmas have you faced?


Minal Daswani, 16, Island School

I faced a minor ethical dilemma only an hour ago, when I was given this question. I knew I would probably get eliminated if I said I didn't have a good ethical dilemma to write about, but lying to stay in a competition wasn't right. I thought about what I should do, before I realised that this situation was a dilemma involving some kind of ethics. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't thought of this.

Agnes Fung Lap-shin, 13, Diocesan Girls' School

Once I saw a friend trying to cheat on a test. She was sitting in front of me, and her book was open on her lap. I kicked her chair, and she got the message, thank goodness. However, I struggled to decide whether I should report her to the teacher. If I didn't, I would be breaking school rules and my own moral code. If I did, I would be betraying my friend's trust in me. So I did half of both: I told the teacher someone had cheated, but I couldn't remember who it was because I was concentrating on the test. I guess my friend learned her lesson and didn't cheat again.

Pradyumn Dayal, 12, German Swiss International School

Two years ago, it was a rainy evening and I was bored. So I asked my mum if I could play Brick Breaker on her BlackBerry. She said yes and gave her password. I grabbed the phone and tried to unlock it, but couldn't. Probably, I had typed in the wrong password. I tried different combinations, and didn't know the phone erased all of the data after the 10th attempt. That's exactly what happened. I had two choices: confess and hand over the phone or hide it and hope for the best. Now, before I tell you what I did, I want to say it was a terrifying situation for a nine-year-old. I chickened out and hid the phone, but was caught and punished!

Talise Tsai, 15, Discovery College

In third grade, I once submitted a project when I noticed I had done something wrong. I quickly wrote out the correct answer on another piece of paper and stuck it on the original. I suppose I had guilt written all over my face because my teacher asked if this was my original work. I first said yes, but I couldn't stand the guilt, so I admitted that I'd got the idea from someone else. To my surprise, she forgave me. I was quite relieved, and I'm glad I told her the truth.

Joyce Chan Ching-yan, 16, Maryknoll Fathers' School

At 16, I have yet to face a serious ethical dilemma. But something did occur when I sat for an exam one time. I usually re-check my paper after I finish. That time, I was not confident with one of my answers. Just then the teacher said: "Time's up. Put your pens down." I wanted to change my answer, but time was already up. I started getting nervous, and my hands were shaking. Should I correct my answer anyway? I hope I will make the right choice when ethical dilemmas arise.

Jennifer Tang Wing-lam, 15, Carmel Secondary School

Well, there was one dilemma, and it was really embarrassing. When nature calls during class, it is very difficult to concentrate. My mind was filled with the classic choice between angel and devil. The angel said: "Wait until recess. You might miss some important points if you go to the washroom." The devil said: "Rush to the washroom as fast as you can. Don't worry about those few minutes you miss, worry about your bladder!" Thank goodness the teacher gave us a break right when my bladder was about to explode! Dilemma? Solved.


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