Time to triumph

Time to triumph

In this week's Top 10, we ask our adventurous team of junior reporters what DIY challenges they would like to tackle

1. Baking creme brulee

Creme brulee is delicious. I like to make a lot of them and just ... gobble.

Wong Kai-to

2. Clay sculpture

Imagine if we could all sip or nibble from the cup or bowl that we made. As if that is not cool enough, we can also design our own patterns.

Janet Choi

3. Editing films

How about going to a film studio to learn how to edit your own films?

Tayyab Shazada

4. DIY remix tracks

I love remix tracks. I have always wanted to learn how to turn a song into a catchy dance tune.

Ruby Leung

5. Making dessert

Desserts! Yes! As a dessertaholic, I would love a DIY dessert class. From palatable puddings to mellow tarts, scrumptious scones to crispy cookies, I love them all. I wonder how tasty it would be if I mixed them all in one.

Natalie Fung

6. Art-jamming

Canvas is nice. A DIY workshop on designing your own piece of canvas is twice as nice. Another DIY workshop on interior design, teaching you how to decorate your room with your own canvas, is the mother of all nice.

Chloe Lam

7. Making macarons

Macarons are my favourite. The chocolate meringue cookie is one of the most sophisticated inventions in the history of desserts. Making macarons at home is almost as impossible as winning an Olympic gold medal. Making macarons in a proper kitchen will be wonderful, delicieux!

Gabrielle Chan

8. Making animation

I would like to attend an animation workshop so I can create my own version of Beached Whales and TomSka. (YouTube it!)

Alex Chan

9. Making mobile phone straps

Nearly all of us have a mobile phone now. But it seems that my iPhone looks exactly the same as anyone else's. I need to make my own mobile phone strap to make my phone recognisable.

Leona Chen

10. Produce my own YP

A hands-on tour of the Young Post's office would be good. I could follow the publication process of the Young Post from scratch.

Henry Lui



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