Comic Book Men

Comic Book Men

Finally there's a reality show that comic-book geeks and nerds can freak out about: Comic Book Men.

This is a great new show on American cable television channel AMC, the same guys who make Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels and Mad Men.

Comic Book Men mainly revolves around an American comic-book store in New Jersey, called Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. The show follows the selling and buying of mind-blowingly awesome pop culture artifacts.

Fanboys will immediately know "the Stash" as the most famous comic-book store in the US because of who owns it: Kevin Smith, the director of such movies as Dogma, Clerks and Mallrats.

The show focuses on the employees of the store: Walt (store manager), Mike (comic-book expert) and Ming (geek and go-fer). And then there's Bryan, who doesn't actually work at the Stash, but is always behind the counter hanging out.

I watch a lot of Otaku-tastic television shows from all over the world and quite a few shows just don't make it over to us in Hong Kong.

So I'm crossing all of my fingers and toes that Comic Book Men comes over here because a) it's about a comic book store; b) it's Kevin Smith's comic book store; and c) there are a lot of cool comic-book-related stuff to see!

So, here's hoping that either ATV or TVB options this show for local viewing.


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