A 'Linspirational' story for us all

A 'Linspirational' story for us all

NBA star embodies spirit of sportsmanship


Jeremy Lin is a real team player.
Jeremy Lin is a real team player.
Photo: Reuters
A new word - "Linsanity" - has swept the front pages of newspapers and magazines. The world is crazy about Jeremy Lin, who has startled everyone with his basketball talent and inspirational story. He is an Asian-American, NBA star, devout Christian and Harvard graduate. His rise to fame has affected all of us, particularly those in the Asian community and aspiring athletes.

Lin's journey to becoming a professional basketball player was never easy. As he tells it, he was an outstanding player in college, but he was never drafted into the NBA. Finally, the Golden State Warriors, a California-based NBA team, signed him up in 2010 on a partly guaranteed contract. Lin hardly played during the 2010-11 season, though. He was one of the few Asian-Americans to make it to the NBA, and it was an identity he couldn't escape.

Lin was even demoted to the Development League. He later signed with the New York Knicks, and he's now a new man. Lin battled discrimination, and proved the stereotype of "book-smart" Asians is wrong. He also showed that the traditional "Chinese values" of hard work and dedication can bring success.

Lin's team beat the Toronto Raptors, the Los Angeles Lakers and others during a seven-game winning streak. He was praised for his exceptional talent.

Despite all the media attention, he remains humble and constantly gives credit to his coach and teammates. The commotion has only pushed him to work harder, hoping to disprove talk that he is a "one-hit wonder".

Lin truly embodies the spirit of sportsmanship - he is a real team player who does not worry about personal glory. Not everyone needs to be a Magic Johnson or Kobe Bryant, who are amazing players.

Whether we are basketball enthusiasts or not, one thing is certain: Lin has created a new buzz that will certainly inspire thousands of up-and-coming athletes.



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