Crazy about Lin

Crazy about Lin

'Linsanity' is now a household name, thanks to Jeremy Lin, the Taiwanese-American NBA player. Kevin Kung and our junior reporters share their own 10 best Lin nicknames

1. Just Lin Baby

Just Lin Baby would be a great name for Lin because he smiles like a baby every time he scores. Plus, it sounds like, Justin Bieber's Baby.

Balwinder Singh

2. LamborgLini

I'll go for LamborgLini - for the pure fact that he drives to the basket just as fast as a fully fuelled Lamborghini.

Jack Sze

3. Linahol

His nickname should be Linahol. For anyone who is addicted to him, they are all linaholics.

Dorothy Tsang

4. Linsanity

I am all for the classic - Linsanity.

Kenny Chan

5. Lingacy

Like all other NBA legends, Lin will leave a "Lingacy" behind him when he retires.

Eina Gurung

6. Lincident Ray

He should be known as Lincident Ray. In physics, an "incident ray" is a ray of light which hits a surface. Lin is a visual delight, and usually hits the target.

Janet Tam Ka-wing

7. Lintasia

Like Disney's Fantasia, Lin's superb on-court skills are pure magic. Plus, you can find the word "Asia" in "Lintasia".

Nothing beats my Asian pride!

Erica Kwan

8. Lin-tendo 17

It comes from the classic game console Nintendo 64. Since his name is Lin and his jersey number is 17, that makes him Lin-tendo 17.

Hudson Hillard

9. LINcredible

He's just Lincredible. Lin and incredible, get it?

Tayyab Shahzada

10. Belinner

He is new to the NBA and, of course, a "beginner" of a new basketball era.

Kevin Kung, YP sports reporter



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