YP Have Your Say: Should Henry Tang drop out of the Chief Executive race?

YP Have Your Say: Should Henry Tang drop out of the Chief Executive race?


A defaced poster of Henry Tang at his house in Kowloon Tong as crane-mounted media cameras watch over his house.
A defaced poster of Henry Tang at his house in Kowloon Tong as crane-mounted media cameras watch over his house.
Photo: David Wong/SCMP
Young Post conducted a poll on whether Henry Tang should drop out of the election after his latest scandal and we had some of you saying yes, some of you saying no. Here are the reasons why.

Chan Shin Tung, 16, Po Leung Kuk Celine Ho Yam Tong College

After the illegal structure scandal, Tang's integrity has suffered. So how can Hong Kong citizens depend on such a liar and give credit to him? It will only make him look bad if he doesn't drop out of the election.

George Jones, 18, Renaissance College

Henry Tang should withdraw on the basis that were he to be elected, he would represent Hong Kong at the highest level, and with the utmost transparency. Such scandals must not detract would-be chief executives from the job of leading the city, especially at a time of global economic crisis.

Hollie Chung, 19, HKUST

I think he should definitely drop out.

He is now in the election of the chief executive of Hong Kong, a position of utmost importance in representing and guiding all of us. He should be careful both with his behaviour and speech.

The incident has clearly revealed his inability to be the chief executive of Hong Kong.

In regards of the incapability, he should definitely be responsible to the people who support him and drop out of the election without causing any extra burden to others.

Wong Hok Yan, PLK Laws Foundation College

Tang has too many scandals - his affairs, his house and his speeches. If he continues to run his campaign, it will only bring him pressure. He has already lost confidence from the public. No one would trust him even he won. Therefore I think he should drop out from the election.

Samantha Lau Pui-ching, 19, The Open University of Hong Kong

Henry Tang, without a doubt, should drop out the competition because of his dishonesty. Being a senior official, he is supposed to have a certain type of character and behaviour. It is downright irresponsible for him to break the law to build his underground palace. More shamefully, he tried to conceal the truth. Even after it was discovered by journalists, he did not apologize at once but just kept silent.

How can we tolerate such a dishonest hypocrite? If he was elected, Hong Kong would be in a mess in many aspects in the future. The people would not trust him so most of the actions will be surely opposed.

He could still join the competition, but it would be shameful.

Rama Kulkarni, Delia School of Canada

YES! Henry Tang should drop out of the race. He was complicit in an illegal act, which makes him unfit to hold a place in government and hold up the integrity of our laws. Moreover, he has even attempted to skirt responsibility by letting his wife take the blame, which paints a picture of a man who isn't too strong, and cannot be a worthwhile leader.

Kewpie Teng, Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School

I think Henry Tang should drop out of the election after the scandal since he knowingly broke the law. Last year, Donald Tsang asked all the principal officials to check whether their homes have any unauthorized building work done. However, Tang didn't fix his problems immediately.

Also, after the scandal, Tang denied that his home has any unauthorized building work. His honesty is destroyed. A Chief Executive is a role model for citizens. He can hardly be our role model after this scandal. Therefore, I think Henry Tang should drop out of the election.

Thompson Chau, 17, St. Joseph's College

Desperate for someone to substitute him? Proper democracies do not work like this! The allocation of the Chief Executive position like a fight for a Christmas bauble underlines how ridiculous the entire Hong Kong political system is. If the Peking-favoured candidate continues his mission impossible, that’s simply an international laughing stock.

Henry Lui, 12, Sha Tin College

I believe that Henry Tang should not drop out of the election as his "scandal" does not affect the community, while Leung Chun-ying's conflict of interest in the architectual competition affects the entire community. Henry Tang's "scandal" is not too big a problem.

Terrence Wan, 17, St. Joseph’s College

While public opinion supports Henry dropping out, I believe his presence unwittingly highlights the unaccountability of the small election circle. If he quits due to public opinion, then this is against the underlying ideology of the election committee – to go against the majority and safeguard their own interests

Yvonne Leung, Li Po Chun United World College

Tang should drop out the election because I think his responsibilty of building the "hidden underground kingdom" should not completely be shirked to his wife. There is an old saying in Chinese, "First well manage your home affairs, then a country, ultimately the world". If he is not capable of handling his family, what is there to say about Hong Kong's future? He really disappoints us. Credibilty and conformity are crucial attitude in a public figure, but what Tang has done proves he is not a good representative to Hong Kong people.

Keto Wong Kai-to, Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School

I think he should drop out of the election, because he really lost his basic quality of being a person - lying. If he could be the chief executive, no one would obey him or trust him.



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