Script: Listening Exercise 134

Script: Listening Exercise 134


Introduction: King’s Road in Chelsea is one of the trendiest streets in London. It was here back in the nineteen-sixties that punk fashion first arrived on the scene. Today, King’s Road is still the place for young trendy types to shop and be seen. Both sides of King’s Road are packed with shops and boutiques selling fashion and food.

Three of the busiest shops are trendy food shops. Londoners love to eat cupcakes, and three cupcake bakeries are currently doing roaring business along King’s Road. Listen to peope who work at each shop talk about their businesses.

Voice 1: The bakery where I work is called King’s Cupcakes. Yes, we sell cupcakes that are fit for a King to eat! The shop opened last month and we are already doing great business. The great thing about the cakes we sell is that they are actually baked here in the shop. We have a kitchen and bakery at the back of the shop. Other cupcake shops bake their cakes in a big factory somewhere else. Ours are baked here. They are always fresh, almost straight out of the oven. Our most popular cake at the moment is our special Italian Chocolate Cinnamon cupcake. We sells dozens of this flavour every day. We can’t bake enough!

Voice 2: I’m the manager and owner of Chelsea Cupcakes, the first cupcake shop to open on King’s Road. I was a bit worried when other shops selling cupcakes opened, but my concern was unfounded because our business didn’t drop at all. In fact, we have done better business since the rival bakeries opened. I think customers have tried cupcakes from the other shops and realised that ours are by far the best. The secret of our success is the classic recipe we use for the cake. It’s light and soft, and we don’t add artificial flavours to the cake mix. All our flavours are in the toppings. Customers seem to like a plain cake with different flavours on top.

Voice 3: I opened Cute Cupcakes with my sister just over a year ago, and I’m pleased to say that we have been a great success. I used to work as a pastry chef in a big London hotel and my sister graduated from art school the month before we opened the shop. She, obviously, is in charge of designing our cupcakes. Our biggest business comes from customers who want a special design for their cakes. These have to be ordered at least two weeks in advance. We also offer sponge bases that can be flavoured with whatever the customer wants. Each week we introduce a new cupcake. This week’s special cake is a classic banana cupcake.


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