Brave 10

Brave 10

Flashing, razor-sharp blades and the mystical martial art ninjitsu are the hallmarks of new anime action series Brave 10, which is full of valiant ninja warriors and evil ninja assassins.

Brave 10 is a historical action anime based on the manga series created by Kairi Shimotsuki (Date Bashira and Death Edge), with the anime adaption spearheaded by Studio Sakimakura, which worked on the series Cardfight!! Vanguard.

The anime and manga are based on the legendary Sanada Ten Braves, a story of a small group of ninja that assisted the samurai warlord Sanada Yukimura during the Sengoku period (Warring States 1467 AD to 1573 AD) of Japan.

Kirigakure Saizou, a wandering Iga ninja, comes to the aid of Isanami, an Izumo shrine maiden, who is on the run from a group of ninja assassins.

Isanami, the sole survivor after a surprise attack on the Izumo shrine, hires the hungry Kirigakure to safely escort her to a place of sanctuary with the warlord Sanada.

Yet, once safely in Sanada's compound, Kirigakure is forced to stay and protect Isanami while gathering information and 10 brave warriors to help him defeat the person behind the destruction of the Izumo temple.

For those interested in reading the manga, the licence has been picked up by publishers Tokyopop. No volumes have been released so far, nor a release date, but keep your eyes peeled. It's on its way.


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