Hayes still go-to guy for lovers

Hayes still go-to guy for lovers

Ever since he was lead singer of 1990s pop duo Savage Garden, Darren Hayes has been the go-to singer for couples looking for that special song. In his first three solo albums he continued his crooning; his new album, Secret Codes and Battleships, showcases his latest love-ridden offerings.

Although love, break-ups and relationships are the focus of most of the tracks, the album is not only for love song lovers. It's an enjoyable pop album that moves easily from track to track.

In the first single, Talk Talk Talk, Hayes pleads with his beloved to listen to him and give him another chance, but you don't feel that sad listening to it. The upbeat synthesised music and catchy chorus make you want to move instead.

The lyrics of Black Out the Sun perfectly express the feeling of emptiness after a break-up, but, like Talk Talk Talk, steers clear of being depressing.

If you're looking for the positive side of love, God Walking Into the Room is the track for you. Singing over lively dance music, Hayes compares a kiss to God walking into the room. I'm not sure if there isn't a woman alive who wouldn't find that line romantic (albeit a bit cheesy).

So, if this Valentine's Day you and your sweetie are still looking for that special song, give the album a try. Even if you're above all that romance and just love pop music, Secret Codes and Battleships is worth a listen.

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