A day to impress

A day to impress

Not all Valentine dates are the same - find out if you should plan a simple picnic, or an all-out romantic outing

Why does a cuddly Cancer love soppy movies? Where should you never take an adventurous Aries on a date? Find your partner's star sign to create the perfect Valentine's Day that neither of you will forget!


An energetic and passionate type, your Aries relishes the thrill of being in love - and roller-coaster romance is a must.

Their ideal celebration involves adventure, so think hikes or mountain-climbing rather than a cosy dinner under the stars.

Pack your walking boots, invite a few other couples, buy some yummy food that won't get squished and head off for rough terrain. Cap the day with a picnic on the grass.


Being in love is second nature to this beautiful bull - and where he or she feels most at home.

You'll win admiration with good food and a fabulous venue, as every Taurus appreciates effort.

Plan a cosy, gourmet dinner for two, with plenty of candles and, if you can manage it, a live band or singer. Atmosphere is everything - so dress up for the occasion!


Great conversation keeps romance alive for this chatty type, so a dream date that stimulates the mind is more important than fancy restaurants or lavish gifts.

You'll want to go to the movies - but make sure the film is interesting, even controversial.

Then, whisk your date away for a quiet but exciting meal - think fondue rather than the usual sushi, and rainbow-coloured milkshakes instead of the normal juice or tea. Gemini get bored easily.


Your kind, sensitive Cancer partner wants you to have a good time this Valentine's - so don't be surprised if the dream date has already been planned!

Spoil him or her with a spa voucher for two, and then make supper yourself - these types are home-bodies at heart who love nothing more than watching you cook.

Hide a cute gift under the napkin, and write a heartfelt note letting the person know how special he or she is. Cancers need to hear it.


Fun, fun, fun is what this lovely Lion is all about - so go wild on Valentine's Day with a casual, crazy date.

Leos delight in daring escapades and bigger-than-life events, so how about a place with a live band, loads of people and a grooving vibe?

They're not too fussed about food, so concentrate on exciting their senses of sight and sound.


Planning is everything if you want to impress a perfectionist Virgo, so you best get organised!

Details are important to these secretly romantic types, so little touches to show you care count: think favourite songs playing in the background or a dream three-course meal.

Military precision is key to a magical event. Have a Plan B if Plan A falls apart!


Harmony is the way to a Libra's heart, so music should play a big role in whatever date you're planning.

Create a set list of romantic songs, choose a soppy, happy love song to sing together at karaoke and keep the mood gentle.

A peaceful boat ride or walk along the beach or harbour at sunset are winning ideas - and ice cream with heart sprinkles. Yes, really.


Magnetic and mysterious, your sweet and sensitive partner needs to be showered with surprises and tonnes of affection.

So get your thinking cap on, and do something daring and different. Give him or her a set of clues or riddles to solve before your dream date - they love guessing games!

Take your partner somewhere they've never been before and hide little love notes all over the place. You'll be rewarded with a grin from ear to ear.


No frills or fancy outings for this happy-go-lucky, down-to-earth type - pick a spot outdoors and share a favourite meal.

Sounds too simple, doesn't it? Well, you're in luck, because Sagittarians are not keen on drama or too many candles and roses. They just want to have fun.

For a special touch, bring cushions for the picnic blanket so you can count clouds together.


As long as you're on time, dressed decently and the food is warm, your caring Cappie will be a happy bunny.

What they don't like is insincerity - so ditch the soppy card with sentimental verses. Go for simple but thoughtful - share a pizza, split a bowl of ice cream and watch a movie together at home. Easy, isn't it?


A little weird and wacky, your wonderful Aquarian likes pushing the boundaries, being a little daring and having an outrageously good time.

How about a visit to a theme park? Or a blind "taste test", where both of you get to guess what type of food is being offered on a spoon?

Silly to some, but Aquarians are always game for a good laugh. So don't take Valentine's Day too seriously with this type.


The most classically romantic of all the zodiac signs, a Pisces wants to be loved and adored.

Show him or her that you care by putting on a lavish, traditional Valentine's spread - chocolate hearts, roses and a dozen red balloons.

These types are not materialistic, so if you're on a budget, write a poem or sing a song. They'll love you for it!



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