Script: Listening Exercise 133

Script: Listening Exercise 133


"Money Pot" is a television programme in which teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 face a panel of two businessmen and two business women and pitch a business idea in the hope that one person from the panel will invest some money in return for a share of the business. Listen to Mark and Cleo going their pitches.

Mark and investors

Mark: Good evening. My name is Mark and I am asking for twenty thousand dollars in return for a ten per cent ownership in my business “Great Day Videos”

Business Woman: How old are you Mark?

Mark: I will be eighteen in a couple of months.

Business Man: And you are still in full-time education?

Mark: Yes. I have just taken my final exams at school, and have got a place on a Creative Media Studies course at university.

Business Woman: Congratulations. Tell us more about your business.

Mark: I set up “Great Day Videos” two years ago. I have always enjoyed filming and lots of relatives and friends were asking me to do videos of their weddings or birthday celebrations for them. They gave me presents or sometimes a bit of cash to do this. I suddenly thought, why not set up a proper business and earn myself some money? I was a good videographer and more and more people were asking me to do work for them. Three girls in my sister’s office asked me to do their wedding video and were delighted by the result.

Business Man: How is your business doing at the moment, and why are you asking for an investment?

Mark: The business is doing very well. I am having to turn down work because obviously I can only do jobs at the weekend or in the evening. My studies have to come first. For the next two months I have fifteen events booked. That's all I can do. The biggest time consumer in what I do is the editing of the video. I am asking for an investment of cash so I can buy better editing software, upgrade my camera and perhaps pay a couple of my friends to do some of the editing work for me.

Cleo and investors

Cleo: Hello. My name is Cleo and I am asking for an investment of ten thousand dollars in return for five per cent share in my business ‘Cleocards’. I started the business last year when I was fourteen and now I want to expand, because what I have done so far has been a great success and there is a definite demand for my product.

Business Woman: Tell us what is special about your product, Cleo?

Cleo: My cards are personalized and are for all occasions. I do not know another product on the market like ‘Cleocards’. Anyone wanting a ‘Cleocard’ simply provides me with a photo of the person that the card is for, and I do a cartoon of this person and incorporate it into the card design.

Business Man: That sounds intriguing. How did all this begin?

Cleo: I have always been able to draw funny cartoons. I used to do cartoons of my friends at primary school, and also I did cartoons of the teachers. Everyone loved them. Then a friend at secondary school asked me do a birthday card for her dad with a cartoon of him on the front. All her family loved it, and others started to ask me to do cartoon cards. So I decided to make a charge for these cards. The idea soon spread to family friends and friends of friends. Even my teachers asked me to produce ‘Cleocards’ for their families.

Business Woman: Roughly how many cards have you produced so far? And how much time do you need to do create each card, and what would you use a cash investment for?

Cleo: I have done about three hundred and fifty cards. You can see some of them on my website. I tell people I need three days to do a card, but this can vary either way. I am asking for an investment of cash to buy a better printer to produce the cards and more advanced software which would make transferring the hand-drawn image much quicker and help with the finished design.


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