Gifts to remember

Gifts to remember

We ask our junior reporters to think outside the chocolate box. Sometimes, it is sweeter and more thoughtful to break with tradition and not give chocolates for Valentine's Day. Here are their top 10

1. Home-made video

This is a great idea for a shy person. While it can sometimes be hard to say what you want to face-to-face, it's easy to record a video message. Plus, you can take out any bloopers before sending it to your valentine. It's also easy to archive the video to enjoy another time.

Keto Wong

2. Good old love letter

On Valentine's Day, I bet that many shy and timid people will want to come out of their shells. If declaring your feelings aloud does not work for you, then why not send your secret crush a love letter?

Sonia Tsui

3. A sweet story

Express your feelings by giving your crush a romantic book. I recommend A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks or Sarah Dessen's Just Listen.

Jenny Ko

4. Card creations

A DIY card can be both heartwarming and - if you use your own materials like ribbons, coloured paper and beads - affordable. When we are too embarrassed to express our feelings in person, words and pictures can be the best alternative. Let your imagination run wild, and give your loved one a surprise!

Elise Tsoi

5. Singles party

A lot of single people are left out during this supposedly romantic festival. How about throwing a party for your single friends so they can enjoy the day - and meet people they can hang out with on the next Valentine's Day?

Jennifer Cheung

6. Movie night

I think movie tickets would be a great choice!

Charlotte Chan

7. Guilt-free treats

Give the gift of mochi, the Japanese rice cake. Chocolates can contain sinful amounts of sugar, but handmade mochi have wholesome ingredients. More importantly, they are "mochilicious"!

Samantha Lau

8. Nutty nuzzle

Chocolate is not as good as chocolate with nuts (Nutella!). But if your valentine is allergic, a warm hug should suffice, I guess.

Zareen Chiba

9. Pack a picnic

Gift-giving can be so materialistic these days. Instead of buying something, why not make your Valentine's Day gift something like a romantic picnic?

Anya Beniac

10. Super-big fake diamond ring

Diamonds maybe a girl's best friend, but in these tough times not many suitors can afford them. So why not make your own ring from beads? You can get all the raw materials, at reasonably cheap prices, in Yu Chau Street, in Sham Shui Po.

Kate Ng



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