Bedazzled by good fortune

Bedazzled by good fortune

Still holding your lucky lai see money from the Lunar New Year, and don't know what to do with it? This week, our junior reporters suggest the 10 best ways to part with your recent riches …

1. Books galore

I shall buy lots of books with my lai see money. I can gain a lot of knowledge through books, going on adventures that I can't afford in real life and expanding my horizons without the fuss of travelling. Books are a great investment because I can sell or trade them for new ones in the future. This way my limited lai see money turns into a king's ransom!

Juliana Law

2. Spending in proportion

I will save 80 per cent of it for future use, mainly for school tuition fees or other study expenses. I'll spend the remaining 20 per cent on daily expenses, such as lunch or entertainment.

Samantha Lau

3. Real versus unreal

In reality, my red packets will all go towards my tertiary education expenses. In my dream world, this money will go into the stock market and generate profits!

Janet Tam

4. Adopt an animal

I would suggest adopting a small pet such as a turtle, bird or hamster. Nowadays, more and more small animals are being abandoned. We can save their lives and provide them with new homes. Money well spent!

Leona Chen

5. Stunt-master

I want to stand on the rooftop of IFC Two and toss all the money into the harbour.

Keto Wong

6. The ultimate prize

I'd spend part of my lai see money on electronic gadgets and save the rest. My savings will go towards something more valuable ... a product that will be worth the wait.

Tayyab Shahzada

7. Donate to Unicef

I would donate half of the money to Unicef to help children in developing countries. People always say it is more blessed to give than receive. The Lunar New Year is a golden opportunity for us to contribute to society - even a small amount of money can change people's lives.

Wu Ka-man

8. Investing in foreign currency

I am going to change my Hong Kong dollars into yuan. Then, I will give my friends 100 yuan each and ask them to keep the money safe. One day, if the yuan's value shoots up, they can change the 100 yuan back into Hong Kong dollars - and make a good profit.

Judy Ching

9. A trip to Europe

I'd save the money for a trip to Europe. Travelling there can be very costly, so starting to save now is a smart move. After saving for a few years, you'll be rewarded with a nice trip to Europe.

Eina Gurung

10. Anti-chocolate braces

I'll use the money to invent anti-chocolate braces. My recent chocolate intake is going to shock my dentist!

Erica Kwan



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