Gundam Movie Festival Hong Kong

Gundam Movie Festival Hong Kong

A belated Kung Hei Fat Choi to all my fellow Otaku! Here's wishing you another year of great manga and anime shows in the Year of the Dragon.

Starting the new year off with a big bang is MCL Multiplex Cinema, which is celebrating this month with the Gundam Movie Festival Hong Kong.

MCL Telford will be showing Gundam movies on the big screen all month, starting this weekend.

Gundam - for the uninitiated - is a long-running television anime space opera franchise - think anime Star Trek. The series debuted in Japan in April 1979 and was an instant hit with sci-fi fans across the globe, with its imaginary technology based on actual theoretical physics and believable engineering.

The show featured giant mechanical piloted robots that are used as military weapons, nowadays referred to as "Mechs", with the main robot referred to as Gundam. The story usually revolves around a young boy thrust into the middle of a war and forced to pilot the title mech to protect his loved ones and to survive.

Thirty-odd years later, there have been more than a dozen television series, movies, video games and comic books. The latest series, Gundam Age, is currently showing on TVB.

For Gundam fans, this is a rare opportunity to see these space operas in such a large format, so book your seats now. Visit for scheduling and to buy tickets.


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