Script: Listening Exercise 132

Script: Listening Exercise 132


Mandy works as a receptionist at a busy vet's practice in town. One of the things she does is take bookings from animal owners who want to bring in their pet to see one of the vets.

Four phone conversations she had this morning.

Conversation 1

Mandy: Good morning. How may I help you?

Caller: I'd like to book an appointment for my dog to have her teeth cleaned, please.

Mandy: No problem. We are pretty busy this week. But we can fit you in next Monday or Tuesday. Would that be convenient?

Caller: Tuesday morning would be great.

Mandy: I'll book you in for ten o'clock. How old is your dog?

Caller: She's still a puppy. She's eighteen months old.

Mandy: And what breed is she?

Caller: A British Bulldog. You already have all her details. I brought her to you for all her puppy injections.

Mandy: Could I have your full name?

Caller: Ivy Chan. Mrs Ivy Chan.

Mandy: Ah yes, we have all your details here. We'll see you next Tuesday at ten.

Caller: Excellent, thank you. See you then.

Conversation 2

Mandy: Good morning. May I help you?

Caller: Hello. I'd like to make an appointment for a vet to examine my parrot, please.

Mandy: What appears to be the problem?

Caller: Well, he's suddenly started to lose his feathers. There is a patch on his head that is completely bald. I don't know what's wrong. He seems fine and quite happy.

Mandy: I think you'd better bring him in and let us take a look.

Caller: Is the surgery open in the evening? I work all day so I'd like to bring him when I leave the office.

Mandy: No problem. Let me take some more details and then we'll get you an appointment. Can I have your full name and address, please?

Conversation 3

Caller: I'd like to make an appointment to bring my puppy in to have him fitted with an identity chip, please.

Mandy: No problem. How old is the puppy?

Caller: Just six weeks.

Mandy: Has he had all the necessary puppy injections?

Caller: I don't think so. We've just got him from a dog rescue centre.

Mandy: The vet will advise you about injections when you bring him in.

Caller: That's great. He's a great little dog and we want to make sure that he's healthy. When can I bring him in?

Conversation 4

Mandy: Good morning. Can I help you?

Caller: Good morning. My cat stayed with you overnight after an operation. You told me to call this morning to see when I can bring him home.

Mandy: Ah, yes. It's Mrs Green, isn't it? Everything's fine. You can come anytime after two to pick up Billy.

Caller: Can you keep him until mid afternoon? Then I'll call in on my way home from work.

Mandy: No problem. See you then. Bye.


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