I lost one pound!

I lost one pound!

I used to cram down “delicious” food whenever I saw some lying around. Chocolates, chips, cake, you name it. The word “diet” has been floating around my mind ever since my growth spurt has slowed down, but it has never found a firm and permanent place in my life. I have tried, and failed miserably each time I try stopping myself from eating these things. Desire for enjoyment is inborn. It is the result of thousands of years of human evolution. It is almost impossible to defy our nature.

I cannot believe I have put healthy dieting off for so long, 2 years now at least. Decreasing the intake of snacks coupled with exercising a bit more, and I have already lost a bit more than a pound, thanks to my age and metabolism. I have noticed some subtle changes in my thighs and upper arms. Even though they are not that apparent to my friends and family, to me, the slight contrast is strikingly distinct after hours of scanning and scrutinizing at myself in the mirror in the past few years. Despite the minor variation, I find the outcome extremely invigorating and it will undeniably motivate me to continue this lifestyle.

You may think that being a teenager, losing weight is really unhealthy and inappropriate. But, the only alteration I made is quitting on snacks. Let’s be honest, everyone wants to look and feel good inside and out. Who wouldn’t want to wear amazing clothes that show off your stunning figure? My approach is to eat healthy meals that consist of suitable amounts of every food group, and try to eat more fruit and vegetables to fill my stomach. A few hours before I sleep, I would go on my dad’s old exercise bike and burn some calories. If I feel hungry, I would have a banana or just a few pieces of chocolate if I really can’t resist. I’m sure everyone can agree that this is definitely a healthier lifestyle than snacking all day on the couch in front of the computer.

I will not, and absolutely do not recommend using drugs to lose weight. There are many on the market nowadays that are not closely regulated by the government. Taking them poses a potential health threat, even though it may seem a simpler alternative. They may cause liver and heart problems, strokes and depression, and will often drain your nutrition. Some medicines that make you lose weight doesn’t even lose real weight. It just dehydrates you, for a moment it seems that you really lost weight when the only thing gone from your body is water. I have some classmates who used those and their weight rebounded as soon as they stopped taking the medication.

Everyone knows eating right and exercising is the proper lifestyle, but only a small portion of us can do it. The decisive factor of a person’s success is his or her perseverance and commitment. I hope that I, or everyone who is trying to live a wholesome life, is going to accomplish our goals.



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