A swashbuckler's inner cat

A swashbuckler's inner cat

Puss, the scene-stealing feline of the hugely successful Shrek series, is back in a 3D-animated spinoff. With his musketeer boots and pleading saucer eyes, he's now a star in his own right.

The story rewinds to a pre-green-ogre era when a child Puss (voiced by Antonio Banderas) crosses paths with Humpty Alexander Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis) in the orphanage of San Ricardo village.

They are best buds until Dumpty's criminal tendencies sour their relationship when he frames Puss in a heist gone bad.

Yet soon the duo reunites thanks to Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek), who works for Humpty. Puss takes a shine to her and joins Humpty in a scheme to steal magic beans from a pair of thugs called Jack and Jill. Those beans can grow into a soaring beanstalk leading to a castle in the sky where the Golden Goose dwells.

The ensuing escapade turns into a rollicking adventure filled with intense flamenco dance-offs and witty jokes exploiting the fairy-tale characters' comic potential to the full.

Banderas' sexy Spanish accent is perfect for Puss, while Galifianakis does well as a creepy, double-crossing egghead.

Plenty of comic relief comes when Puss retreats into his inner feline, such as when he starts chasing light spots on a street.

Despite an ending that's a bit of a letdown, the movie is a fun, amiable flick that will make you purr with pleasure.

YP Rating: 4/5

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