The goodest of the Baddest

The goodest of the Baddest

Toshinobu Kubota has dominated the J-pop scene for the past decade or two. He produces chart-toppers regularly and has collaborated with international stars like Naomi Campbell. His latest complication, The Baddest - Hit Parade, features his best 32 singles of the past 25 years.

Known for his versatility, Kubota's double-disc album shows off a wide range of his tunes in different genres from soul to pop to reggae.

A highlight is his rise-to-fame smash-hit La La La Love Song, the theme song of the Japanese drama Long Vacation featuring Naomi Campbell.

There are also R&B-style soulful numbers on the album, such as Tomorrow Waltz, which can give you goose bumps with just enough beats for you to glide and waltz. As for upbeat songs, look no further than SUNshine, MOONlight to get you off your chair for some grooving.

The singer-songwriter's tracks come with sophisticated layers. Many songs are experiments in combining instruments in brand new ways. Although the album is not a "best of" collection, strictly speaking, its eclectic song choices take you on an exciting journey into Kubota's musical world.

As an added bonus, the two CDs packed with goodies come at a reasonable price. It is a must-have for Kubota's old fans and for new J-pop aficionados alike.

YP Rating: 3/5

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