Better with every album

Better with every album

Taiwanese folk-pop band Sodagreen have released a new album every year since their debut in 2005. With that much production, you would think the quality of the music would suffer. But in their latest album, What Is Troubling You (你在煩惱什麼), the band are getting better instead, much better.

Lead singer Greeny Wu Qing-feng's distinct high-pitched vocals are a highlight. His pillow-soft, almost feminine voice in tracks such as The Limit of Happiness (幸福額度), create a soothing atmosphere. Played at mid-tempo, and the ballad becomes a toe-tapping tune.

Wu's vocal performance is at its best on the very last and title track of the album. Set only to a guitar and some clapping, his voice progressively becomes stronger as the uplifting song reaches its climax. What Is Troubling You tells listeners to stay strong, that all sadness in their world will eventually pass.

Besides Wu's vocals, the album also showcases Sodagreen's ability to experiment. On Control Freak (控制狂), the band mix electronic elements into an otherwise folksy track, to impressive effect.

Sodagreen's music is not loud, but this album will blow you away with its complexities. The band exhibit the musical talent and range that Cantopop music is sorely missing.

YP Rating: 5/5

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