Exams are over! It's time to unwind

Exams are over! It's time to unwind

Most of our junior reporters have just finished a long battle with their textbooks and notebooks. This week, we ask them for tips on how to recover

1. Get back to social media

I'll reactivate my Facebook the moment the invigilator collects my answer sheet.

Hudson Hillard

2. Mocha mania

I usually go to a cafe for a cup of mocha. Students in Hong Kong really have to learn how to rest.

Sonia Tsui

3. A good old basketball game

It has been two months since I've played basketball. After the exams, I'll summon all my buddies for a good old game of basketball at Victoria Park. It's a good way to relax and get ready for the HKDSE exam.

Balwinder Singh

4. Hit the sack

I recommend sleeping. Flop down on your cosy bed and sleep like a log. It may sound dull and pointless, but your body desperately needs a break after long exams. Sleeping does not require us to rack our brains, which we have done excessively during our studies. Good night!

Joyce Kan

5. Wheels go round and round

I like to go cycling with a bunch of friends. For a reasonable HK$50, you can hire a bike to ride for a day. It is cheaper than buying a movie ticket or going to a theme park. Let's head to the New Territories and cycle our stress away.

Jocelyn Chan

6. Let's explore the city

We all think Hong Kong is a tiny. But how many of us have been to every corner of the city? Take out a map and discover another side of Hong Kong. You can try different restaurants and visit new playgrounds. To make the trip more rewarding, invite friends to tag along.

Jack Sze

7. Relax!

... at a spa, or by getting a massage.

Nola Yip

8. The great outdoors

Why not leave your troubles behind by packing your rucksack and heading outdoors for an adventure? If you're a fan of beaches, Tai Long Wan and Long Ke Wan are among some hot picks. For campsites, Ngong Ping and Pak Tam Au are ideal places to pitch your tent, toast s'mores and forget about those horrific exams.

Cameron Tucker

9 Fun, fun, fun at Ocean Park

The best thing to do after exams is to go to Ocean Park. There, we can have fun screaming our lungs out on exciting rides. That will make up for all of the torture we have been through in the last month or two ... hopefully.

Helen Wong

10. Sweet island escape

I'll spend a day at Cheung Chau with my pinhole camera. This island is perfect for relaxing and meditating. I will also try potato chip swirls; Cheung Chau is the only place that sells them.

Kate Ng



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