The hot-nows and has-beens

The hot-nows and has-beens

We feel you. It's difficult to keep up with pop culture. One year, we're dancing to Kesha's Tik Tok, and the next, we're tearing up over Adele's Someone Like You; one moment we're obsessed with Uggs, but then it's all about Doc Martens. Nothing stays consistent in teens' lives, least of all pop culture. So here's what's destined for the dump, and what will only get hotter in 2012. You're welcome.

In: Emma Watson
Out: Kristen Stewart

Twilight fever might still be raging, but when it comes to trendsetting, Watson takes the prize. Plus, she knows how to smile. How refreshing.

In: Just Dance
Out: Dance Dance Revolution

It's a sad day when DDR is proclaimed old school, but Just Dance - especially on the Kinect - will teach you moves you'll actually put to use.

In: Dubstep
Out: Techno

Techno was always too hip and European to catch on in the mainstream, but dubstep has a funky mix of hip-hop and odd sounds that will leave you confused yet intrigued.

In: The Bernie
Out: Cat Daddy

Courtesy of the 1980s movie Weekend at Bernie's, there's a new way to dance to the Teach Me How to Dougie song besides, well, the Dougie and Cat Daddy. Yeah, it's based on a corpse - really - but it's what the cool kids are doing.

In: Tumblr
Out: Twitter

Like a blogging site for pictures, Tumblr has drawn angsty teenagers into the abyss of its procrastination-inducing allure. Our parents can have Twitter.

In: Spotify
Out: iTunes

iTunes was the beginning of an internet music revolution, but Spotify takes it to another level. Spotify has access to nearly any song you want, and it'll let the Facebook world know it!

In: Swag
Out: Boss

Being bossy - superior, in a sense - is great, but if you can walk the walk and talk the talk, it's much cooler to have swag, an aura of style you just can't wear off.

In: One Direction
Out: Justin Bieber

Imagine five British Justin Biebers in a boy band - yes, this exists. Girls, you'll want to check them out. Guys, take notes.

In: New Girl
Out: Glee

Zooey Deschanel is quirky enough to make even the most loyal Gleeks fall for her character's naive charm. Rachel who?

In: "Om nom nom"
Out: "Yum"

Being more expressive about your hunger by repeating "om nom nom" has become more popular than a simple "yum".

In: Ryan Gosling
Out: Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds was dubbed People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 2010, but the spotlight's now on Ryan Gosling. It seemed he was in every movie in 2011, and we didn't mind at all. More, please.

In: Adele
Out: Ke$ha

While Ke$ha songs are catchy, Adele writes with quality and sings - really sings - with ease. No wonder we can't wait for her expected 2012 tour.

Just a few more things ...

In: Sharing relationship problems on your Facebook wall.
Out: Sharing positive relationship notes on your wall beyond, "No, you're shmoopy!"

In: Kinect
Out: Wii

In: Doc Martens
Out: Uggs

In: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Out: Madden 12

In: Red lipstick
Out: Nude shades of lipstick

In: Pretty Little Liars
Out: The Secret Life of the American Teenager


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