Skip Beat (TV)

Skip Beat (TV)

Fans of the manga and anime Skip Beat can now enjoy it in a third way: a new live-action Taiwanese version, which began airing across the Strait just before Christmas.

Skip Beat is the tale of Mogami Kyoko, who gives up life as she knows it to support Shotaro Fuwa, her childhood friend and not-so-secret crush, on his journey to fame. But when he becomes a pop icon and ditches her, she plots to her revenge by becoming a bigger star than he is. Along the way she meets a host of quirky characters that will fuel her determination and lend their support to her rise to stardom.

In this live version, Kyoko is now called Gong Xi; while her idiot of a should've-been boyfriend has been renamed Bu Po Shang. Other major characters who have been renamed include the aloof but debonair Tsuruga Ren, who is now Dun Helian, and the talented aspiring actress Kotonami Kanae, who is now called Jian Nan Qin.

Apart from the logical name changes, the show is quite faithful to the source material, if the first few episodes are anything to go by. We can almost guarantee fans of the manga/anime will be pleased.

Ivy Chen Yi-han (Butterfly & Sword) stars as Gong Xi, while both male antagonists are portrayed by members of K-pop boy band Super Junior: Bu Po Shang is played by Lee Dong-hea, and Dun Helian is portrayed by Chou Si-won.

If you've loved Kyoko's zany antics in other media, keep an eye out for this version.


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