Can you keep your promise?

Can you keep your promise?

In the first week of the year, we ask our junior reporters what their new year's resolutions are. Let's find out ...

1. Becoming a physiotherapist

My new year's resolution in 2012 is to study physiotherapy at university. Also, I want to break the habit of being late. My friends always get mad at me. I promise I can do it.

Dorothy Tsang

2. Good health to tackle public exam

My 2012 resolution is to stay healthy and conquer the Hong Kong Advanced Level exam. With just about three months to go, every student is trying hard to get good results. Although I know it's going to be tough, I am determined to get this done, and hopefully pursue further studies in university next year.

Jack Sze

3. Say goodbye to procrastination

To work hard, hard, hard for my upcoming exams; this means no sleeping in class, no wasted free periods and no procrastination. It also means no Facebook, YouTube, 9gag, Tumblr, Twitter ... Somehow, I am not sure how these new year's resolutions will work out.

Tam Sum-sze

4. Aim for straight-As

My new year's resolution is to get very good grades in my exams this year!

Pradyumn Dayal

5. Live within budget

Recently, I noted down my expenses. I realised I was spending a lot of money on things like pens and pencils that I already have. Also, I have so many clothes that my wardrobe is about to burst. This year, I want to live within my budget so that I can save money and use it for more useful things.

Jenny Ko

6. Visit a 'sinking nation'

I wish to go to the Maldives this year. I want to visit this island nation before it disappears because of the rising sea levels. I'll relax and sunbathe on its beautiful beaches. I am sure the trip will be a memorable one.

Janet Tam

7. Go vegan

My new year's resolution is to become a vegetarian. Eating meat is environmentally unfriendly and unhealthy; also, the world food crisis is worsening. So being a vegetarian will be beneficial to both mankind and the planet on which we live.

Kate Ng

8. Study abroad

I want to get into a good university in Britain.

Balwinder Singh

9. Volunteering

In the coming Year of the Dragon, I will broaden my horizons by taking part in more volunteer work. To become a true young ambassador for Hong Kong, volunteering is a good start. You get to meet a lot of people, serve them and, more importantly, learn from them. The knowledge you gain in school is limited. For the rest, you must "live" the experience.

Samantha Lau

10. Better penmanship

My new year's resolution will be to improve my handwriting. No matter how good my answer is, nobody can understand it because of my illegible handwriting. So this year, I would like to write more clearly and neatly. Then, hopefully, I can get better grades.

Jayson Paolo Albano



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