Eragon goes out in a blaze of glory

Eragon goes out in a blaze of glory

Christopher Paolini
Published by Knopf
ISBN 978-0375856112

Here's the basic story: after difficult months of training and battles, Eragon and his dragon Saphira are finally getting close to Ura'baen, the capital of Alagaesia, where the evil King Galbatorix is waiting.

The book is the final chapter of the four-book Inheritance series. It starts with the Battle of Belatona, where Eragon captures the city with the help of some rebels. Eragon and Arya are themselves captured, but their old friends Angela and Solembum save them.

During his journey, Eragon also discovers more than 200 dragon eggs and Eldunari (dragon crystals that contain their consciousness).

After some challenging battles, the team finally reaches the capital and confronts King Galbatorix. They need to face down the evil king and defeat him in a final showdown.

The book makes for a fun adventure with believable characters.

Throughout the story, I always understood their feelings and I could relate to them. For example, I understood how Eragon felt when he had to make a painful decision involving Arya.

The book is suspenseful with a mix of magic and fantasy. I just couldn't put it down.

Paolini is an American author whose fantasy series featuring Eragon has been very popular with young readers. He became a bestselling author at just 19.

In Inheritance, he has crafted a fine new adventure. The book's vivid details help you imagine a rich fantasy world.

In the end, however, many questions are left unanswered, which I found a little disappointing. Still, teens who like fantasy novels and dragons will enjoy this book.



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