Script: Listening Exercise 129

Script: Listening Exercise 129


Jenny works in the booking office of TIMMY TRAVEL. She specialises in advising people about weekend tours. During the last hour she has spoken to four customers. Listen to their conversations and then answer the questions.

Jenny: Could I take your name first, please?

Customer 1: Yes. It’s Chan. Paul Chan.

Jenny: Have you got anything in mind for your weekend trip?

Customer 1: Well, the dates I’ve given you are our wedding anniversary. I want to surprise my wife with a weekend away. We’d like a coach trip with just hotel accommodation on the Saturday night. And we want a trip leaving from and returning to Hong Kong. I don’t want to leave from and come back to Shenzhen, as I know some coach tours do. I’d like somewhere in the countryside where we can do some photography. And I don’t want a tour that takes you to places where you are expected to buy things. Some friends went on a weekend tour last month and they spent half the time being taken to places where things were on sale. They hated it. No, thanks. I don’t want to waste any of the weekend shopping, thank you.

Jenny: Could I have your name, please?

Customer 2: Veronica. Veronica Tang.

Jenny: Do you have any ideas for the sort of weekend break you would like?

Customer 2: Yes. I know exactly the break I want to book. It’s been recommended to me by some guys at work. I want to book a long weekend trip to Guilin. It leaves on Friday night and it’s back in Hong Kong Sunday evening. The flights were very convenient. They said the flight to Guilin was short. A coach picked them up in Guilin and took them everywhere. They visited some great places. It sounds ideal for a long weekend break. I hope you still offer this break for the date we want. I’ll be very disappointed if we can’t go.

Jenny: Could I take your name please?

Customer 3: I’m May Chan.

Jenny: How can I help you?

Customer 3: I’d like to book a weekend away for me and my sister. We don’t want the countryside or the seaside or anything like that. We want to stay in a luxury hotel somewhere where we can do some shopping. That’s all we want to do all weekend… relax in the hotel and shop. No sightseeing, no countryside and no beach. Oh, the hotel we stay in must have a pool and a spa, and a top quality restaurant. We want the trip to start and end in Hong Kong. No train to Shenzhen or anything like that. Okay. What do you suggest? I’m sure you’ve something to fit what we want.

Jenny: And your name, please?

Customer 4: Nick. Nick Chen.

Jenny: And how may I help you, today.

Customer 4: Ok. I want a weekend break of two nights for me and two buddies in a luxury hotel at a beach resort. We don’t care where as long as the hotel is right on the beach. We just want to chill out for the whole weekend. All three of us are keen on water sports, so there must be some water sports facilities at the resort. We want to travel Friday afternoon and be back in Hong Kong as late as possible on Sunday. We want to make use of every minute of the weekend if we can. We would like a trip with all meals included. We don’t want to waste any time looking for restaurants or anything like that. What do you suggest?


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