Christmas inspiration

Christmas inspiration

Picking the best item for a gift exchange is a head-scratching task. Our junior reporters share their top 10 ideas

1. A4 paper

Paper is cheap, yet practical. We're always given unwanted gifts anyway. A pile of blank paper would be a good choice. Everyone uses it.

Elise Choi

2. A hug

A hug is invaluable. It is free of charge and let us share our warmth and feelings with our friends on a chilly Christmas Day.

Ng Lok-yan

3. DIY Christmas card

Many people wrote Christmas cards to their pals when they were little. It's great to read cards that you received many years ago. Let's continue this tradition. And personalise it - make your own cards.

Suko Wan

4. Diary/planner

Christmas comes just before the beginning of a new year, with challenging tasks ahead. Diaries are a wise choice to help your friends organise their plans. Then they won't have an excuse to forget your birthday!

Joyce Kan

5. Lush cosmetic products

With its eco-friendly, recyclable packaging and all-natural, organic ingredients, Lush cosmetic products make perfect gifts for friends and family. The brand offers a huge range of presents from Christmas gift sets to ordinary shower gels and bath ballistics.

Olivia Yu

6. Supplementary textbook

It's a good idea to motivate your friends to study hard for their mid-year exam, so give them some support.

Books from second-hand bookstores are even better because they're more environmentally friendly.

Leona Chen

7. Beats headphones

If you choose a (product) RED pair, a percentage of the profits will go to the Global Fund to Fight Aids in Africa. These headphones are extremely lightweight and have great sound quality.

Pradyumn Daya

8. Jewellery

I am not talking about luxurious jewellery sold for millions of dollars, but the type everyone can afford in Sham Shui Po. There, you can easily find glittering chains in the shape of everything from Mickey Mouse to Santa Claus. String them together to make necklaces, bracelets or key chains {minus} you make the call.

Natalie Fung

9. Phone case

Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Giving your friend a festive phone case will help remind them what a great friend you are.

Chunkit Lau

10. Brush

Brushes are one of the best gifts you can get for a puppy, especially if they have unruly hair like me.

Dennis Goodboy



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