Script: Listening Exercise 128

Script: Listening Exercise 128



Three people are completing an application form to nominate a friend for the "Toast TV Teen Sports Personality of the Year 2011". Listen to what each person says and then fill in the application form with all the relevant details.

Nominator 1: I’m Ben Black and I want to nominate my best friend Tom Wong for Toast TV Teen Sports Personality of the Year 2011. We have known each other since we were at primary school, and I don't know anyone else who is as dedicated to his sport as Tom. Tom has played football since the day he could first walk. He is the best goalkeeper there could ever be. He plays for the Saint Chris' school team and also for a youth team sponsored by a famous bank. He also coaches junior players at school. He was born on June 20th, 1996. Do I have to put his address down? Oh,no, just his e-mail. It’s His phone number is 7754 0234. My e-mail is, and my phone is 9563 7634. Do I have to put my date of birth down? Oh, okay. It’s May 15th, 1996. Tom is totally devoted to football, and he really does deserve to be considered for this award. Thanks.

Nominator 2: I am proud to nominate my sister, Cindy for the Toast TV Teen Sports Personality of the Year award 2011. I am Cindy's older sister, Maggie Wu. My e-mail is and my sister’s is Cindy is sixteen, and her birthday is October 11th, 1995. She plays both volleyball and badminton and she is a student at Park Road Secondary School. Cindy is captain of the school volleyball team and she plays in the under-17 Hong Kong badminton squad. Do I need to put both our phone numbers down? I do? Ok… mine is 5521 6534 and Cindy’s is 7353 7532… no, sorry 23… 7353 7523. That's it. My sister is brilliant at both sports and she trains four nights a week. She is determined to be the best. I really want her to be considered for this award.

Nominator 3: I have no hesitation in saying that my young neighbour John Shum should win the Toast TV Teen Sports Personality of the Year award. John is a brilliant snooker player and although he is young he is doing so much to promote the sport in Hong Kong. I think it's important that youngsters don't think that tennis, football, volleyball and so on are the only sports they can do. What about snooker? You've got his name… he was born on May 2nd, 1998. It was his granddad in England who taught him to play when he was a younger. John’s phone number is 6421 0423, and his e-mail is He has introduced snooker to his sports club, River Sports in Sha-tin. John goes to Saint Simon’s High School and he’s started a snooker team there. John himself has won two junior snooker championships in Hong Kong and a championship in London. I'm George West. My phone number is 8753 3321 and I only have a work e-mail which I don't want to give here. Thanks.


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