Best and worst of festive frills

Best and worst of festive frills

This week's top 10 takes you to both ends of the extreme. We ask our junior reporters for their five best and five worst Christmas decorations


The Avenue of Stars

This place offers the most spectacular Hong Kong skyline at night and it is always decked out with the most illuminating, festive and often cutest lights at this time of year.

Tam Sum-sze

Our Christmas tree at school

It's not just an ordinary tree festooned with dazzling light bulbs, nor a tree ornamented with pictures of Santa Claus. It is a tree piled with gifts. Under the scheme "Love in Action", our school urges each class to donate a few boxes filled with presents to the impoverished. All the gift boxes stacked up are the best Christmas decorations.

Natalie Fung

"Toy to the world" Christmas decorations

These decorations spread from the outside of Harbour City to the inside. Figures of Toy Story characters are everywhere. And the most amazing thing is a Christmas tree full of adorable little green men!

Janet Tam

Choo-choo Christmas

With the cutest little mechanical train puffing in and out of snow-capped mountains, the Christmas village at Landmark glitters with joy. Don't forget to admire the sea of twinkling ornaments above your head.

Stephanie Chan

Magical night

With features like the festive Chocolate River and sparkly Snow-White Centre Bridge, Cityplaza is a leader in the mall decoration stakes. Still not impressed? These decorations are also the locale for the "Silver Screen Christmas Delights" extravaganza; prepare to be enchanted by stars, illusionists and magicians.

Stephanie Chan


Little green men tree

If I have to choose the worst decorations, it would have to be the little green men in Harbour City. Each green man has three eyes. Having thousands of eyes staring at you while you are posing in front of this tree is indeed scary!

Natalie Fung

The decorations in my housing estate

Those old ribbons and stars attached to the wall have been there for many years. A withered and tiny Christmas tree, with very few adornments, stands boringly in the lift lobby.

Janet Tam

The flowering tree on the corner of the road

This beautiful tree is located on the corner of the road near Olympian City. The problem is that it is just not a Christmas tree.

Holly Siu

Hello Kitty Back to Ice Age in Langham Place

It could have been Scooby Doo or Snoopy. Dogs' pride, y'all.

Dennis Goodboy

Giant Christmas tree in Festival Walk

The super-tall Christmas tree, sparkling with thousands of light bulbs, is of course beautiful. But the decorations consume a lot of plastic materials and electricity.

Kate Ng



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