Script: Listening Exercise 125

Script: Listening Exercise 125


Last week, Max saw four people he hadn't seen for ages! Jon, Cindy, Patrick and Jenny. Naturally, he asked how they were. He wished he hadn’t bothered. Listen to what each of Max’s acquaintances had to say.

Jon: Oh, Max. I’ve been really unwell since I saw you last. I don’t think I’ve seen you since you left school. We said we’d stay in touch, but we haven’t. I’ve been in hospital three times since then. Haven’t you noticed my limp? It’s very polite of you not to have mentioned it. You know I love playing polo. Well, during a practice match, I fell off my horse and broke my leg. In three places! They had to send for the ambulance. I was in a lot of pain. They put my leg in plaster, but the break didn’t heal. I was away from classes for three months. Then they took me back to hospital and I had to have an operation to reset my leg. I’d been at home just a week after the op when my leg began to swell. I’d got an infection in the wound. Back into hospital. That was six weeks ago. And I only started to walk without crutches last week. It’s all been a nightmare. And how are you?

Cindy: I’ve been off work a month with bad food poisoning. I’ve lost almost seven kilos in weight. Haven’t you noticed? It was something I ate in Japan. The doctor says it wasn’t, but I just know it was. We had been home from the trip almost a week, when I started to feel pain in my stomach and I was sick. The doctor said it couldn’t have been anything I ate when I was on holiday because the symptoms would have started earlier if that had been the case. I am convinced it wasn’t anything I’d eaten at home. I am careful what I eat, and I do most of the cooking myself. I had lots of tests at the hospital, but they just told me I was suffering from food poisoning and that it would sort itself out. They didn’t even give me any medicine. I’m okay now, but I’m still watching what I eat. And how are you?

Patrick: I’ve had a very bad eye infection for the past month. It’s cleared up now, but it’s been really awful. My eyes were red, swollen, very sore, and I could hardly open them. The doctor gave me some antibiotics and they made me sick. I felt dreadful. I haven’t a clue where I caught the infection. The doc asked me if I’d been staying in a hotel – he thought perhaps I’d got the infection from wiping my eyes with a dirty towel. But I haven’t been away. I’ve had to be very careful at home so I didn’t pass the infection onto the family. I’ve been washing my hands a hundred times a day, and using my own towels. It is so easy to catch an infection like this from someone else. I had to wear dark glasses for three weeks because the sun made my eyes hurt even more. Awful. And how are you?

Jenny: I had an accident a couple of weeks ago. It’s very polite of you not to ask why I’m wearing this white glove on my right hand. Don’t you think it looks a bit stupid? I was helping my dad to move some speakers from the bedroom to the sitting room. I picked up one speaker and didn’t notice there was a piece of metal on the back. The speaker slipped in my hand and cut into the bottom of my thumb. I have never seen so much blood! The cat was in the bedroom and got blood on his fur. I held my thumb under the cold tap but the blood didn’t stop. My dad panicked a bit. We wrapped a towel around my hand and got a taxi to Accident and Emergency. The place was packed. I had to wait two hours. They didn’t stitch the wound. They put some plaster strips on to keep the two edges together. And they gave me a supply of these gloves so I could keep my hand dry. It’s been very difficult, I can tell you. And how are you?


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