Inspire, motivate

Inspire, motivate

This week we ask our junior reporters to nominate who they admire and why

1. Actor Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is one of the greatest people in Hong Kong. He came from a poor family. His father could not earn enough money to support his family and once even considered giving him up for adoption. But Chan worked hard to fulfil his dream and became a successful actor.

Jay Lee Seung-jae

2. Radio DJ Francis Mak

Nicknamed "Mak Sir", Francis Mak Yun-sau is a veteran radio DJ who has hosted My Heart Will Go On on RTHK 2 since 1998. He always promotes optimism. "Never give up!" is the motto of his self-funded Never Give Up Association, which offers guidance to students. He is a true inspiration.

Jack Sze

3. Cyclist Wong Wan-yiu

Wong Wan-yiu suffered a broken rib and a dislocated arm after being run over by other contestants in the Asian Games. But she completed the remaining 37 laps despite her pain and won the silver medal. Teenagers should learn from her unrelenting spirit and strive to achieve their goals.

Jennifer Cheung

4. Hurdler Liu Xiang

Liu Xiang has faced many drawbacks in life. Although Liu withdrew from the 2008 Beijing Olympics and had to undergo surgery, he persevered. After he recovered, he trained hard and continued to improve his hurdling skills. People like Liu succeed in life because of their determination and perseverance.

Emma Tsoi

5. Journalist Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens' outspoken speeches about religion and politics may make a lot of people angry. But young people should learn from the way he delivers his speeches. He may be blunt, but he's very eloquent. Youngsters should learn how to exercise their right of free speech and express their own opinions.

Issac Lau

6. All-round athlete Aggie Poon

Aggie Poon Pak-yan is Hong Kong's fastest 100m hurdler and sprinter; she's also a national rugby star. She is training to qualify for the 2012 London Olympic Games. At just 20, she will carry the sporting hopes of Hong Kong for many years.

Sonia Vashi

7. Legislative Council member Audrey Eu

Audrey Eu Yuet-mee is one of the few Legco members who can pinpoint the public's views on important issues. Last year Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen invited her to a debate about Hong Kong's political reforms. The debate demonstrated Eu's influence in Hong Kong politics, her eloquence, and her understanding of people's concerns.

Leona Chen

8. Scientist Charles Kao Kuen

Professor Charles Kao Kuen is my role model. He is commonly known as the "Godfather of Broadband" and won the Nobel Prize for physics in 2009. Most importantly, he shared his invention - fibre optics - with the whole world, making the internet faster and more accessible.

Janet Tam

9. Double Noble Prize winner Marie Curie

I admire Marie Curie not only because she spent years with her husband to discover radium, but also because she did it during a time when there were very few women scientists.

She was the first person to win two Nobel prizes. Her research into radioactive materials led to her premature death, but her discoveries have been vital for the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Abigail Chen

10. Author Louis Sachar

Louis Sachar is the author of the modern classic Holes. He has changed many children's perspective towards their lives. His stories are amusing and moving, and they include extremely likable characters. He can really connect to children. Even as a teenager, I find his books life-changing.

Jade Lam



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