This week's Brain Game: Vote for the winner!

This week's Brain Game: Vote for the winner!

If you had the chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where and when would you go?
Jay Lee Seung-jae, 13, Hong Kong International School

If I could go back 24 hours, I would definitely be in my room at about 12 o’clock in the afternoon. One of the features of being a child is being a professional procrastinator – someone who postpones work because of laziness.

I always find myself slacking off while doing homework and I leave it till the last minute. Only, in this case, I would be in my room writing down this paragraph yesterday instead of doing it today, on the day it is due. I wouldn’t have to rush to finish my homework and I’d be able to think of much better answers and stories. With more time, I would be able to correct mistakes and improve the quality of my writing by making it more entertaining.

There are many things I’d be able to do with the extra 24 hours but I think dealing with my procrastinating streak would be the best thing I could do – so I’d have more time for more fun.

Kirsten Leung Lok-yin, 12, Heep Yunn School

I would definitely go back to my mum’s childhood. My mum always teaches my brother and I to treasure all the things we have. Compared to when she was a child, we are very lucky, she says, and she tells us tales of her hard life.

Unfortunately, my brother and I do not keep my mum’s words in mind. We always complain about what we have, much to our mother’s disappointment. One day, she even punished us, and ever since, I have realised that I need to change my attitude. That is why I’d want to go back to my mum’s childhood.

I would like to live with my mum and her family for one day. I would also want to take my camera so I could capture different moments and all the things and people I encounter. I’d then be able to show those photos to my brother and they would remind us of my mum’s childhood. I am sure we’d then value our good fortune and appreciate what we have now.


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