Script: Listening Exercise 123

Script: Listening Exercise 123


John wants to buy some earbuds, so he does some research before he goes shopping. He finds a podcast talking about in-ear headphones.

Introduction: When you buy an MP3 player, the earphones supplied are often poor quality and uncomfortable. If you are serious about your music, you'll want a set of earphones that gives you better sound. In-ear headphones, sometimes called earbuds, are more practical than big over-ear phones, and now deliver as good a sound as their big brothers.

Product 1: The Quiet X earbuds are good value for money. We give them three stars out of five. They fit comfortably inside your ears and come with a choice of eight changeable rubber plugs in a range of sizes to fit all ears. The Quiet X buds have a small box on the cable for turning them on and off, and controlling for the sound and tone. The bass is heavy if you want it, but the treble is a bit tinny when turned up to full. There is a good microphone on the cable so you can use them to make phone calls. These buds have brilliant noise-cancelling. When you’ve got them in, all outside noise vanishes completely and you just hear the music. The carrying case is well-designed and made to last. These buds are a good buy for anyone who doesn’t have a fortune to spend.

Product 2: You might ignore the Leaf 3 earbuds because they come with a low price-tag. Don’t! They are great value. And don’t be put off by the cheap shiny plastic finish. When you play these buds at meium level, you get a clean sound that is fine for pop music. Turn the volume up, and voices become unclear. Only four rubber plugs come with the buds, and none of these is comfortable for long-term use. There is no microphone, so you can’t use them with your phone. These buds are good for anyone who wants to listen to pop on the move. If you want to sit in the arm chair at home and listen to some classical stuff, they are no use at all. Three stars for the Leaf 3.

Product 3: Don’t be put off by the odd shape of the Wall DB3 earbuds. The bulky shape is due to the a separate bass chamber. They deliver brilliant sound if you like your music with the bass up at full. But the extra lump makes the Wall DB3 fiddly to get in your ears. And if you are running with them in, they can fall out. These are not ear gear for anyone who wants to listen to music whilst doing sport. But the sound quality is awesome. And these earbuds have two sets of differently shaped plugs. One lot is used to get the buds right inside the ear, and the other lot go halfway in so you can still hear what's going on around you.This is a good idea especially when you're walking alone or in traffic. The Wall DB3 earbuds are clumsy, but the thumping sound is outstanding, and they get a rating of three stars.

Product 4: Our fourth set of earbuds is the Easyear 88. These are the smallest design we tested. They are well-built and look good, and because they are so small they fit brilliantly inside the ear and there is no danger of them coming out if you're exercising. The top volume on these buds isn’t high, but they cut out all outside noise. They come with a good microphone attached to the cable, and these were the best set we tested for phone calls. They also produced the sharpest sound when playing classical music. The Easyear 88 buds come in a cheap looking bag. Four stars for these reasonably priced, and very good value earbuds.


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