Script: Listening Exercise 122

Script: Listening Exercise 122


Introduction: 'Goodbye' is a word that we use every day. But sometimes it is difficult to say. If we are bidding farewell to someone we know well and care about, and we know we will not be seeing them again for a long time, 'goodbyes' can be very hard.

Coversation one

Voice: In the first conversation, Mrs Pang is saying goodbye to her neighbour, Mrs Lo who is moving to an apartment across the harbour.

Mrs Pang: Well, I must admit that I'm very sorry to see you go. You've been a good neighbour over the years. You've been a good friend as well.

Mrs Lo: Oh, I will definitely miss you. I hope I'm doing the right thing moving nearer my son. It was his idea that I go and live closer to them so I could see more of my grandchildren. I've been very happy in this flat and wouldn't have thought about moving if Jon had not suggested it.

Mrs Pang: How long have you lived here? It only seems like yesterday that you moved in next door.

Mrs Lo: I've been here twenty-five years. Can you believe it? The time has passed so quickly. We'd been in the flat only two years when my husband died.

Mrs Pang: I'm sure we'll continue to see each other often. We must meet up for coffee and you are welcome to come back here for a meal any time you want. You've been good company since I lost my husband last year and I will really miss you.

Coversation two

Voice: In the second conversation, businessman Mr Chan is saying goodbye to Mrs North who has been his personal assistant for many years.

Mr Chan: Well, I hope that the young lady who is coming to work for me on Monday morning is half as efficient as you've been. I don't know what I am going to do without you. You've been my right arm for nineteen years. There's no need for you to go, you know! I was prepared to increase your salary if you stayed a couple of years longer whilst we settled into the new offices. But I do realise at your age, you want to spend more time with your husband and your daughter after she gives birth. I intend to do the same in three or four years. I don't blame you wanting to stop work. Things are certainly not as easy as they were when we started to work together. Anyway, I am looking forward to the farewell dinner tomorrow night. We'll do all the official goodbyes then. And, I'm not going to say any more, but we have a big surprise lined up for you. Don't ask! You will have to wait until tomorrow. But bring a box of tissues with you. There won't be a dry eye in the place when we really say goodbye.

Coversation three

Voice: In the third conversation, Mrs Chan is saying goodbye to her son who is flying off to London.

Mrs Wong: Ok, bye then. [Beep]. Oh, that was your dad! He won't be able to get here before your plane leaves. That's a shame. There's been a traffic accident and he's got to do a couple of emergency operations. He wishes you all the best for the flight. Anyway, he'll see you next month when he goes to London for that conference. I wish I was going with him. I'd love to head to London and see how you're settling in. Your cousin did well at London University and we hope you'll repeat his success. He got a double first degree, you know. And all the family thinks you are brighter than him.


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