This week's Brain Game: The Final Three

This week's Brain Game: The Final Three

What last made you laugh uncontrollably?
Gabrielle Ho, 14, St Stephen's Girls' College

When I watched the Taiwanese movie, You're the Apple of My Eye. I went with a couple of my friends to watch it. A man recalls his time at school, when he and his classmates were in love with the same girl. It makes many of us remember our school days. Although it was a sad story, it had many hilarious parts, too.

The scene that made me laugh uncontrollably was at the beginning when the boys had nothing to do in class. They did something very funny, but inappropriate, and ended up getting into lots of trouble.

The way the main character, Ching Teng, is raised by his parents is also very entertaining. They think walking around naked at home is normal; they are not embarrassed by it at all. Additionally, it was great being with my friends because we were cracking jokes throughout the movie.

Jay Lee Seung-jae, 13, Hong Kong International School

On Halloween, I decided to watch something scary with my family. We chose a Korean movie, Sector 7, about an underwater creature killing the crew of an oil rig. Now you may think, 'That's not funny at all'. But the truth is that it was unintentionally hilarious.

At first, everything was intense as people were dying. Then suddenly the monster appeared and my whole family burst out laughing. It was the usual monster, with large horns and a sticky substance dripping from its back. Each time it appeared on screen, everyone laughed.

When the movie reached its climax, only two characters were left alive - a man and a woman. We all expected them to survive - and for the man to end up the hero. But, in the end, the woman was the only survivor. She started acting like a "tough guy" - we found this hilarious and began laughing again.

Kirsten Leung Lok-yin, 12, Heep Yunn School

Probably a Mr Bean movie. I love watching all his movies because they are funny and delightfully entertaining.

A few months ago, I watched one of his films - I can't remember the title. I began to laugh as soon as I saw him on the screen. He looked really lovely and silly. When it came to his foolish actions, I laughed uncontrollably.

In the most hilarious scene, Mr Bean was offered some uncooked lobsters by a restaurant waiter. Unluckily, Mr Bean had never eaten lobsters before so he did not know what to do. Finally, he ate the whole lobster without removing the shell. He made a big noise while eating and the other people were all looking at him. I burst out laughing because of his exaggerated movements and gestures. I still want to laugh whenever I see lobsters now.


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