Costume calamities to avoid

Costume calamities to avoid

This week we ask our junior reporters what they think could go wrong at fancy dress parties

1. Lady Gaga

Surely, the worst costume failure is to dress up as Lady Gaga for a Christmas ball. Imagine showing up in a meat dress among all those elegant people. It would be hilarious. But don't expect to be invited for a dance.

Junior reporter Fabienne Chui

2. Zombie

Zombie costumes are always popular at dress-up parties. Halloween is fast approaching and we'll be swamped by zombies.

But if you really want to make a memorable entry, dress up as a zombie for a wedding party.

Junior reporter Pearl Chan

3. Steve Jobs

Imagine going a Google party dressed up as the late Apple boss, Steve Jobs. If you work for Google, that's one sure way of getting fired.

Junior reporter Lau Chun-kit

4. Cat

Dressing up for film premieres is common. Many people dressed as the title character for the Harry Potter movies. Others wrapped themselves in tuxedos for James Bond movies. I once dressed as a cat for the Cats & Dogs movie's premiere... not a good idea.

YP team representative Dennis Goodboy

5. Yourself

The best costume failure of all time surely has to be going to a Halloween party dressed as yourself.

Oh, how terrifying!

It is the ultimate symptom of somebody who really just couldn't care less about dressing up at all.

Junior reporter Tam Sum-sze

6. Buzz Lightyear

Dressing up as Buzz Lightyear to a Star Wars-themed party - that's a complete failure.

It is epic because Buzz has a big head and rectangular face, while other people dressing up as Star Wars characters will have to squeeze their heads into skin-tight helmets.

Junior reporter Alex Tang

7. Peeled banana

If you think dressing up as a peeled banana sounds boring, think again.

How about going to an online video conference party like VidCon where you can expect to bump into someone dressed as Annoying Orange? Now, that would be fun!

Junior reporter Nola Yip

8. Santa Claus

A Santa Claus costume would be totally out of place at Easter.

In addition to surprising people, you would also be very uncomfortable. You'd be sweating hard and breathing heavy in that big white beard of yours in the hot and humid Hong Kong weather!

Junior reporter Janet Tam

9. Sleeping Beauty

Thinking you're going to a pyjama party when you're actually going to a ball must be one epic failure. Imagine entering the ballroom in your pink pyjamas only to be greeted by the sight of beautifully dressed people gaping at you.

For extra humiliation, you should be grasping a teddy bear.

Junior reporter Abigail Chen

10. Superman

Superman is a DC Comics superhero. I wonder how gigantic a fight would ensue if you showed up as Superman at a rival Marvel Comics party.

Junior reporter Andrew Huang



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