Seriously scary outfits

Seriously scary outfits

We asked our junior reporters what they will dress up as this Halloween. Cover your eyes now if you're too scared to look.

1. Carrie White

Carrie White is a character from the 1976 movie Carrie based on Stephen King's first novel.

There was something about Sissy Spacek's phenomenal acting that really got to me. I will be doing her post-blood-drenching prom look.

However, it's too bad that I don't have her telekinetic power.

My costume will attract attention because though I am a girl, I will be wearing a prom dress soaked in fake blood. The only problem I have is how to explain to people who I am dressed as, since many people have not heard of Carrie before.

Oh, well, watch out, people!

Junior Reporter Coco Lam

2. Pale-faced Chinese lady

There's nothing creepier on Earth than those girls with their pale, ghostly-white skin, long black hair, wearing traditional red and black Chinese dresses with blood streaming from a gash on their pallid faces.

Adding to their eeriness is the way they seem to glide down the road rather than walk.

Cadet Holly Siu

3. Peter Pan

This year, I'll be dressing up as Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up.

It is bittersweet and ironic as this is going to be the last Halloween I celebrate with my high school friends.

Next year we'll all be at university, and I will inevitably have to grow up, unlike Peter Pan.

Junior Reporter Olivia Yu

4. Captain Hammer

I don't like spending actual money on costumes. You'll be surprised how much you can improvise from household items! My costume this year consists of black dishwashing gloves, tough-looking boots, dark green pants, and a dark blue shirt with a yellow logo in the middle. The logo is circular in shape, and has a picture of a hammer inside. I am Captain Hammer from Joss Whedon's Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, of course. My friend will come as Dr Horrible and we will have a rollicking time trying to kill each other off! Oh, the joys of Halloween.

Junior Reporter Tam Sum-Sze

5. Leaf Blower

I'd like to dress up as a leaf blower. Basically what you do is attach a leaf to your cap with sticky-tape so that it dangles in front of you. Then when people ask what you are, you just blow on your leaf!

It's an easy and funny costume that literally takes two seconds to put together!

Junior Reporter Arshia Bhatia

6. Na'vi

I bought a tube of body paint and my options are among a tribal Na'vi, the Hulk, or the very in-trend choice this year, the Smurf! Na'vi is an easy choice.

I'm saying this because I just went to my first Halloween Party as a Na'vi at the last minute.

I put on blue leggings, a ripped ragged blue t-shirt, and a pair of blue rugby shorts, and braided my hair with a feather sticking up behind my ear. Blue paint all over my body was a must.

That was my very own customised Halloween costume. Get yourself some body paint and you're all set to go!

Junior Reporter Sonia Vashi

7. Doll

The best Halloween costume would be a doll because you can dress as lavishly as you want. There are so many kinds of dolls out there representing diverse cultures.

Doll costumes also allow us girls to dress up a bit more than we usually would and bring back happy childhood memories.

Junior Reporter Alysia Chang

8. Clown

Clowns can be a great choice. Clown's clothes with colourful strips and dots can easily grab peoples' attention. The classic rainbow hat with two "horns" is a must item, as well. Paint a joker smile and some panda eyes if you want to take it to another level.

Junior Reporter Janet Tam Ka Wing

9. Vampire

When it comes to the best Halloween costume, this year has got to be the vampire. Owing to the smashing blockbuster movie series Twilight, the vampire outlook is the next "in" thing. The film also offers a love storyline that numbs the world and changes the Halloween message from evil to blessing.

Junior Reporter Kong Tse-Hing

10. Scooby-Doo

He may not have the scariest face, nor does he scream like creepy cameo wolves in movies. But trust me. I would be surprised if you do not freak out when meeting a gigantic dog like Scooby-Doo.

I will jump into a pool of chocolate to first paint my body brown. Then I will get Susan, the editor, to paint dots on my back and tie a collar on my neck. Ta da!

YP Team Representative Dennis Goodboy



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