Script: Listening Exercise 121

Script: Listening Exercise 121


Many and her mum

Mandy: Will you come shopping with me on Saturday morning, Mum? It’s ages since we’ve been out together. It’ll be fun.

Mum: Shopping with you? No thank you! You're better off shopping on your own - you get so impatient when someone's with you.

Mandy: That’s not true! I am never impatient with you. I’ll buy you lunch. You can choose the restaurant.

Mum: No, thank you! Anyway, I'm going to visit Mrs Tang on Saturday morning. She’s had a hip operation. I’m going to cheer her up.

Mandy: Oh, Mrs Tang can wait! You don’t like her anyway. I need to buy a new dress for the Form six party and you can help me chose it.

Mum: Which part of the word ‘NO’ don’t you understand? You don’t need me with you to choose a dress. You probably know what you want already anyway.

Mandy: It is important that I wear something really special at this party. There are going to be lectures from all the universities there. You have such a good dress sense that I know you won’t let me buy something that I look bad in. I really need you to be with me, Mum. You always dress so well. You always look so good in what you wear.

Mum: Do I? Really?

Mandy: Yes. Mum, I would really appreciate your help and advice when I buy this dress. Please, Mum, please…

Mum: Go on then. I’ll come with you an hour on Saturday morning. But not a minute more. We’ll go buy your dress and then I’ll leave you.

Mandy: Great, Mum. Thanks so much. Is Dad in a good mood? I’m going to ask him if he can give me my allowance in advance. Then I’ll be able to buy a really nice dress and look stunning at the party. Do you know where Dad is? Has he got back from work?

Many and Polly

Mandy: What are you doing on Friday night or Sunday night, Polly? Will you come to see Transformers 3 with me?

Polly: You are joking! Thanks for asking but I hate that sort of movie. I would be bored stiff and probably come out with a headache. No thank you.

Mandy: Oh, come on. Don’t be a spoilt sport. It’ll be good fun. The movies you want to see are always too serious.

Polly: I really don’t want to see that film. Can’t you ask Sally or Mia to go with you? Or... Josh likes films like that.

Mandy: You and I haven't had a night out for ages. We can have a bite and a good gossip before we watch the film. I’ve got something really good about Sally to tell you.

Polly: Go on. What? Tell me now.

Mandy: No! It’s a secret. Later. I’ll tell you when we go to the movies.

Polly: Oh, that’s bribery! Are you only going to tell you if I come to the movies with you?

Mandy: That’s right.

Polly: Do you promise?

Mandy: Of course I do. When have I ever not been true to my word?

Polly: Oh, go on then. It’s a deal. I’ll come and see that film with you.

Mandy: Good. Which night is best for you? Sunday or Friday?


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