This week's Brain Game

This week's Brain Game

What got you into trouble when you were a youngster?
Kirsten Leung Lok-yin, 12, Heep Yunn School

I always seemed to make my clothes dirty whenever I ate ice cream. I tried to be more careful, but it happened anyway. I troubled my mum, because she had to wash my clothes by hand. It was a tiring job. She needed special detergent and had to rub a long time to get the dirt out. Even now I have the same problem with ice cream. Although I can do the washing myself, I hope this doesn't keep happening!

Daniel Monteiro, 14, South Island School

"Trouble brings experience, and experience brings wisdom," the saying goes. I didn't get into much trouble as a child, because good values were magically instilled into me by my parents. I ended up self motivated and only a minor pain. In my early years, I was mischievous in school and sometimes quarrelled with my brother. But as that proverb says, with that experience, I gained a special sort of wisdom. The trouble I stirred up was more subtle, harmless - and undetectable.

Matthew Murchie, 17, Imperial College London

I was rarely ever told off as a child. The only things that got me into trouble were my endless curiosity and my interest in bizarre scientific experiments. After I destroyed our home's hydrometer [an instrument for measuring the density of liquids] and electrocuted myself with 200 volts I began to be aware of safety precautions! But I don't regret my actions. Being curious and experimenting freely are precious.

Jay Lee Seung-jae, 13, Hong Kong International School

I was always in trouble as a young child, but the story that sticks with me the most is about my vitamins. They were bitter and left disgusting goop in my mouth, so every morning, after taking the pill in front of my mother, I spat it out and threw it behind my wardrobe. This went on for three months. My mother was so angry when she found out. Apparently, a cockroach was living off the rotting pills.

Gabrielle Ho, 14, St Stephen's Girls' College

I always got in trouble for lying when I was younger. My biggest lie was when I said I was at a school activity when I was out with my friends. I was caught red-handed. I was banned from going out for a whole month. But that was not the worst punishment; every time I said I was going to school, my mother gave me a disbelieving look. From that day on, I learned that having fun with friends is not worth breaking years of trust.


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