YouTube Sensations

YouTube Sensations

Our tech-savvy junior reporters have put their thumbs up. These are their favourite YouTube videos ...


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1. Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

Harry Potter in 99 seconds?! Surely that's impossible! I used to agree, until I watched this video. All seven books have been summarised in song, and sung over a medley of theme tunes from the films. The whole video is less than two minutes long but it has had four million hits. So, if you have two minutes to spare, why not watch and learn everything about Harry Potter?

Junior reporter Angie Tam

2. Daniel Radcliffe sings the elements

Attention, Harry Potter fans! On a chat show, actor Daniel Radcliffe sang the super-famous elements song. The song, written by American mathematician Tom Lehrer, is about the 118 chemical elements of the Periodic Table. We should respect Daniel's amazing memory for these elements - and follow his example to make chemistry lessons easier.

Junior reporter Tacye Hong

3. All is Not Lost

This music video has a message for all Japan earthquake victims and spreads love around the world. With the camcorder pointing skyward under a piece of clear glass, the band dances, swims and even somersaults to create gravity-defying illusions. They convey their words purely with their bodies.

Junior reporter Kate Ng

4. Husky Dog Talking

Many people think animals' reactions to what we say are mere coincidences and that they don't actually understand us. Well, this video proves otherwise and shows a high degree of animal intelligence. It will also make you LOL in the process. In the video, the owner of the well-known talking dog, Mishka, forces her to speak to entertain the owner's friends. However, the defiant Mishka is comically unwilling to do the owner's bidding.

Junior reporter Victoria Kwok

5. The Mom Song

Ever complained about your mum's nagging? Anita Renfroe takes what mums say to their children and meshes it all into a hilarious three-minute video - and sings it to the catchy William Tell overture. Watch and laugh together with your mum and tell her if she really sounds like that!

Junior reporter Abigail Chen

6. Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement Address

After his recent death, this video quickly came to mind. Apple CEO Steve Jobs' speech to graduates was precise and full of intelligence and humour. He encouraged them to pursue their dreams and grasp opportunities. He gave examples of his ups and downs in life. In this video, you will see love, loss and death from Jobs' perspective. Thanks to the captions, we can easily understand his message. The words of this legendary genius will be shared by generations to come.

Junior reporter Jack Sze

7. Life in a Day Trailer

Life in a Day is a historic global experiment to create the world's largest user-generated documentary. Shots were all taken on the same day in July last year. The 4,500 hours of footage have been edited into a film about love, fear and life. Although people all have different lifestyles, they brought out a common message - life is good and we should treasure it.

Junior reporter Kate Ng

8. Free Hug

People are becoming less connected for all sorts of reasons. From this touching video, we learn that "Sometimes, a hug is all we need". We should perform some act of kindness every day to make others' lives easier. And eventually, we will become closer to each other again. We are all connected.

Junior reporter Jack Ho

9. Evolution of Dance

If I'm not mistaken, this clip was the first I ever watched on YouTube. You can definitely see comedian Judson's talent and passion when he shows off his brilliant moves. Though it may not be as sensational as others, it reminds us of a simple way to find happiness: that is, dance freely. Why not spare six minutes to watch a video that makes you smile? This clip once came second on Time magazine's 50 best YouTube videos list.

Junior reporter Jack Sze

10. Charlie bit my finger

If you're looking for something entertaining, you've come to the right place. "Charlie bit my finger - again!" is a video featuring two brothers with Charlie, the baby, biting his elder brother's finger. You may ask: what's so special about it? Well, the answer is on their faces. Their facial expressions are hilarious, especially when Charlie dishes out his mischievous laugh.

Junior reporter Angie Tam



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