Apple, Apple everywhere and still we want more

Apple, Apple everywhere and still we want more

Clever marketing sets iPhone maker apart from its competitors


The newly opened Apple Store in Central, Hong Kong. Some customers queued for two nights for the opening event.
The newly opened Apple Store in Central, Hong Kong. Some customers queued for two nights for the opening event.
Photo: Bloomberg
An Apple store in Hong Kong, finally! The long-awaited shop was mobbed on its opening day by thousands of fans. Some enthusiasts started lining up two days before the grand opening just to experience the thrill of walking through the door. Even though I was in another country, I could still feel the excitement.

This is Apple's 100th store outside the United States, and its sixth in China. Apple is one of the multinational companies that have globalised the world - it has brought different parts of the world together through people, goods and services, money, ideas and technology. There is always a new iPhone coming out - such as the iPhone 4S, which was introduced last week - yet Apple products never fail to amaze us or top our must-have lists.

The bitten apple is one of the most recognised logos in the world, and the "Apple economy" - goods and services that have sprung up over the past few years to cater solely to Apple customers - has grown into a multibillion-dollar business. It is safe to say that Apple has become a worldwide phenomenon.

But how has the company become so popular?

Its success, without a doubt, is due to the creativity and innovation of its designers. Apple products offer cutting-edge technology and convenience, and are user-friendly and fashionable. On top of that, Apple uses a unique form of marketing that is less noticed by the public - product branding.

When a person opposite you is using a MacBook, all you can see is the brightly-lit icon of the bitten apple. When you see someone using an iPhone, you see the shiny silver bitten apple. You can recognise a laptop from Apple at first glance, but might hesitate if it's an HP or Fujitsu. Because you see the bitten apple everywhere, you are under the impression that everyone has one. You label Apple products as "cool", "trendy", "fashionable" - and all of this is done subconsciously.

This form of marketing is effective and cost-free, and appeals to people in different cultures. The bitten apple icon motivates you to purchase Apple products, and you find yourself queuing up for the latest iPhone before you know it, even though it costs significantly more than other brands.

Creativity and innovation are essential for success, but marketing is what sets you apart from your competitors, and takes you where you want to be. This is a lesson every business should learn.



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