Back to that red hot stuff

Back to that red hot stuff

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have returned from their longest album hiatus, debuting at No 1 in 17 countries with I'm With You. The monumental 10th album is a testament to the rock group's career, which spans a quarter of a century and 70 million records.

More than anyone else, the band can be credited with reviving the funk rock genre: groovy bass lines, impeccably placed riffs and a rhythmic drumbeat- all the defining characteristics that made them famous are found in excess in I'm With You.

The opening minute of the first track, Monarchy of Roses, is one of confusion and mess. Distorted instruments and vocals fight to be heard, creating a sense of panic. Then, the snares. And just like that, I'm With You is kicking it into high gear. A crystal-clear beat and gorgeous melody begin to play, and the album is all uphill from this point on.

Hit single The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie is a sunny, optimistic affair, with the slightest hint of an edge. It slyly makes use of a cowbell, an odd instrument that nonetheless boosts the track's grooviness. The track is instantly catchy, a throwback to the band's heyday.

I'm With You is a fantastic album. After all this time, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have refined and perfected their craft. Every song is irresistible, simultaneously new and nostalgic.

YP Rating: 5/5



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