This week's Brain Game: Vote Now!

This week's Brain Game: Vote Now!

If you could have only three electrical appliances in your house, what would they be?
Daniel Monteiro, 14, South Island School

A laptop is no doubt the first thing that pops into my mind when it comes to survival: it connects you to everything, combines other useful gadgets from the house - the possibilities are endless. The stove is another essential piece of equipment, because I like cooking and can't survive on a diet of raw food or on eating out for all three meals. I also need lights, because my nocturnal senses are not up to scratch; not just yet, anyway.

Gabrielle Ho, 14, St Stephen's Girls' College

It's hard to imagine life without technology. So if I had to choose, I'd pick a fridge, air conditioner and a computer. With an appetite like mine, a fridge is essential. It would keep my ice cream cold and yummy. Second, an air conditioner: I can't imagine living without one. Third, the gadget that can do everything - a computer. It can replace a lot of the other appliances I use in my daily life, such as phones and digital clocks.

Jay Lee Seung-jae, 13, Hong Kong International School

For me, it would be a microwave, a computer and an air conditioner. I would get a microwave so I would be able to cook food and not starve. I would choose a computer, because it would keep me entertained. I'd be able to surf the web, send e-mails, talk to friends on Skype and play games. Lastly, I'd like to have an air conditioner, because then I could adjust the temperature and make sure I felt comfortable.

Giselle Chan Cheuk-ying, 16, Pui Ching Middle School

With Hong Kong's heat and humidity, an air conditioner is a must-have item in my house. It helps us escape the stove-like temperatures outside. Electric lights are also important, because I procrastinate and often finish my homework late at night. Lighting candles to see in the dark would be a ridiculous thing to do in a modern society. I'd also need a computer in my house, so I could communicate with friends or watch television programmes online.

Kirsten Leung Lok-yin, 12, Heep Yunn School

First, I'd need a lamp. Light is important. Without it, I can't even walk around my home! Second, I need a fan, which would keep me comfortable on hot days. It's also an environmentally-friendly appliance. Lastly, I'd need a television. I believe we all need time to relax. We can't work all the time. So, after doing schoolwork from Monday to Friday, I like to watch my favourite shows on TV.

Matthew Murchie, 17, Imperial College London

Most electrical appliances are grossly overrated. Air conditioners, for example, are considered indispensable in most households. But they are unnecessary as long as you don't pile thick blankets on yourself at night. Electric heaters? What's wrong with a perfectly functioning gas stove to boil water on? Electric lighting is redundant when you can see by good old-fashioned candlelight! There are, however, three that I cannot do without: my computer (I do, after all, need something to write my Young Post articles), a fridge (I just cannot stand mouldy, decaying food) and my trusty digital watch (I've got to meet my deadlines!).


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