Pet peeves on the MTR

Pet peeves on the MTR

We asked our junior reporters what really ticks them off while taking the train. Most of their grievances have to do with plain old manners

1. Miserly manners

Young people who refuse to give their seats to elderly, disabled or pregnant passengers need to learn some manners. No one is fooled by those who quickly pretend to be engrossed in their phones or, even worse, pretend to fall asleep. This is just selfish behaviour. If you are not sick, old, injured or pregnant yourself, then have some respect and get up!

Fabienne Chui

2. Pole dancers

With no seats available, you decide to hold onto a pole. But, annoyingly, some twerp is leaning on the pole in an attempt to look cool. What do you do? Put your hands behind the person, and appear to be groping them? Risk having your knuckles crushed? Or, just stand there and let the swerving motion of the train knock you down?

Cameron Tucker

3. Carriage crammers

Stubbornly squeezing into a carriage during rush hour doesn't help anyone. We all understand that everyone is in a hurry, but stuffing yourself onto the train when there is clearly no room just makes everyone uncomfortable. It also often delays the train because the doors repeatedly open and shut until they are clear. If the train is full, then line up and wait for the next one. It will be faster.

Kate Ng

4. Loud lovers

We've all seen young couples kissing and canoodling on the MTR. Often they block the doors and take up more room on the seats - but there is possibly nothing more annoying than their loud kissing noises that make everyone else uncomfortable.

Catherine Wang

5. Video voyeurs

Whenever people quarrel or do something funny on the MTR, some Hongkongers like to use their smartphones to record the whole scene and post the videos online. But what about the other passengers who do not want to be recorded and publicised? Not everyone wants to be seen on the internet. Some people just want to get home in peace.

Giselle Chan

6. Gross groomers

Personal grooming should be done in private. The sight of passengers clipping their nails on the train is disgusting. Not only that. It is dirty and unhealthy because nails often hide germs. And bits of nails can also fly off and hit other passengers - which is awful for anyone.

Fabienne Chui

7. Bag bashers

Being bashed by backpacks during rush hour is part of the daily routine. But here's a tip. When trains are packed, remove your bursting book bag from your back so it doesn't bash other passengers.

Tracy Srivastava

8. Handrail hogs

Like the pole dancers, handrail hogs are just plain rude. It's when someone leans his entire sweaty, sticky body against the poles and handrails, making it impossible for others to hold on as well. It's annoying - not to mention gross.

Olivia Yu

9. Baby blues

You need a lot of patience to put up with children screaming and crying loudly on the train. Babies don't know any better, but their parents do. I wonder why parents let their children cry on the train and don't do anything to stop them.

Fabienne Chui

10. Shocking shouters

Nobody needs to know your plans for the weekend or where you are going on holiday this year. So why shout on the phone on the MTR? After a long day at work, everyone wants to rest on the ride home, but there are those who feel the need to scream into a phone as if there is no one else around.

Tacye Hong



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