Script: Listening Exercise 117

Script: Listening Exercise 117


Last week, your friend Melissa had a disaster that was pretty bad.

You will never guess what happened to me last Friday on my way to work. It was so embarrassing! But it could have been worse I suppose... Friday is "dress down day" at my company, when we can all turn up at the office wearing smart casual clothes. The other four days we have to dress formally – suits or something equally smart. I wear a black or dark blue jacket, white shirt and dark skirt or trouses Monday to Thursday. But on Fridays, it’s all different. I’m still always smart on a Friday, but I get out the bright colours and casual clothes.

Last Friday, I decided to wear the yellow plastic sandals my mum bought me for my birthday. You know the ones I mean? I think they're quite stylish but some people think they're very ugly. I knew I would get funny comments when I got to the office, but I didn’t care. They're so comfortable. Well, I was going down the escalator in the MTR station and I was standing too close to the edge. I moved my foot and the toe of the right sandal got caught at the side of the moving step. I screamed!

A man at the bottom of the escalator pressed the emergency button and it stopped. The MTR staff came to my rescue immediately. They were brilliant. I wasn’t hurt, but I felt such a fool.

Lots of passengers offered to help, too, they were so kind. The front of the sandal was badly torn but I was okay, thank goodness. And what did I see on the wall next to the escalator? A poster telling you to be careful if you are wearing that type of footwear. I will buy a new pair, but I’ll be very careful if I’m wearing them when travelling on an escalator. Last Friday’s disaster could have been much worse. I was very lucky.


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