Super Boy goes his own way

Super Boy goes his own way

Four years after clinching the first runner-up spot in the mainland's Super Boy Contest, Allen Su Xing has released his second album, Present Tense, a mix of slow ballads and upbeat tunes.

The singer injects more of his own thoughts into Present Tense than he did for his first studio album, and this is especially obvious from the effort he has put into the lyrics.

Featuring rap and R&B, See You Next Time is a light-hearted love song that provides a lively start to the album. Su shows his sense of humour and creativity as he includes his conversation with a girl in the song.

Split follows the inner struggle of an artist caught between the music he wants to make and what he's told to make; Su sings in two distinct voices to make his point.

Non-Idol and I Am Still Singing also have similar themes, with Su reflecting on the purpose of making music and expressing his passion for it through rapping and his signature hip-hop style.

If you're not a fan of energetic tunes with strong beats, there are several tracks with slow tempos and soothing melodies - Love No More and Friends Only You.

As a singer-songwriter, Su demonstrates a strong personal style by pouring his thoughts and music into this album.

Present Tense shows Su is on the right path with his music career - and he's doing it his way.

YP rating: 3/5



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